Traditional Chinese medicine for weight loss

Overeating has caused a lot of deformation of the human body. At this time, I hope to find a way to lose weight with a healthy weight loss effect. It is not impossible. Chinese medicine has been the most healthy medicine since ancient times. Why not try Chinese medicine to lose weight?

Some girls obesity is caused by problems with the circulation metabolism of the body, which causes the toxins in the body not to be discharged normally. Poor detoxification is not necessarily constipation. Many circulations in the body are done through the blood. If the toxins in the blood accumulate too much, it will cause blood poisoning, causing symptoms such as local swelling and obesity, acne heat sores, and internal fire. Therefore, detoxification is an important part of the weight loss process, and some of the traditional Chinese medicines can achieve good detoxification effects.

The chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, licorice and mint are Chinese medicinal materials that can effectively remove intestinal toxins and blood poisoning. These two medicinal materials are not very cold, can be directly brewed into tea, and have a refreshing effect. While aloe vera and burdock can reduce toxins while removing toxins, they are usually used together to make porridge or soup. If you belong to a group with heavy toxin accumulation or fat puffiness and mixed obesity, then these kinds of detoxification herbs are suitable for you.

Diets with Chinese herbs are called medicated diets, and part of the weight-loss population is due to poor spleen and stomach function caused by physical weakness. This type of population generally eats less appetite, but because the body s heat conversion rate is very low, even It is also easy to accumulate calories and cause obesity with very little food. In addition, the body s detoxification and metabolic capacity are also very weak, and the symptoms of puffiness and swelling are more obvious.

Hawthorn and tangerine peel in Chinese herbal medicines can improve people s gastrointestinal function, relieve the loss of appetite, bitterness and swallowing, and allow you to gradually restore a healthy diet to promote the prosperity of metabolism. Poria, coix seed, and yam promote the function of the spleen and stomach, allow the body to metabolize excess heat and waste, and relieve the edema and puffiness in the body. This kind of Chinese medicinal materials is suitable for soup and porridge use. It can be used as a staple food for meal replacement.

Constipation is actually very good, but if the usual eating habits are not good, it is easy to make constipation relapse. Constipation can cause large intestinal obstruction, allowing the intestinal wall to continuously reabsorb these toxins and garbage, causing swelling and obesity in the waist and abdomen, and slowing the circulation of the lower body. In addition to drinking warm water in your life and eating more fermented milk rich in fruits and vegetables and probiotics to promote gastrointestinal movement, it is also very effective to use Chinese medicinal materials to eliminate internal heat and relieve constipation.

The lotus leaf and cassia seed can be seen in many Chinese herbal tea formulas, both of which have very strong detoxifying effects. Psyllium seed and reed root can regulate human endocrine metabolism and help the intestine to lock water to relieve constipation.

Chuan Qi can reduce the concentration of toxins and blood sugar in the blood. MMs can choose Chinese herbal medicine to make tea according to the severity of their constipation. In general, lotus leaf + cassia seed is enough. If constipation is severe, you can drink it with a few other Chinese herbs.

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