Did you detox today? Explain the best time to detox

Have you noticed that your skin tone is not very good recently, and you often have acne and dark spots? The reason is that your detoxification is not done well. So, at what point in daily life can detoxification make the health work more effective? Chinese medicine pointed out that during the day, blood pressure, temperature, pulse, breathing, and hormone secretion of the human body will change over time. The following about Chinese medicine will introduce you the best detox time of the next day:

However, do not get out of bed immediately after waking up, it is best to stay in bed for 5 minutes first, because the biological rhythm in your body is being adjusted quickly from sleeping to waking up. Adrenal cortex hormones increase, body temperature increases , heartbeat Speed ​​up … If you sit up immediately, your blood pressure will rise sharply, which is bad for your cardiovascular system. Using bedtime, you can do 5 minutes of psychological bathing. Think about what to do today and what to pay attention to? Recalling those happy things that happened yesterday, you can have a good mood when you wake up. After getting up and bathing for 5 minutes with a slightly lower water temperature, it can help your brain and body organs to quickly cheer up. This way, even if you sleep for the first night, you will be energized all morning.

Also, remember to drink a glass of orange juice to help detox. Chinese medicine believes that it is the time when the large intestine of the human body is on duty at this time, and hydration helps to completely expel the metabolic waste in the intestine. Nutrition experts also emphasize that after a night of rest, the body will lack sugar and moisture, which will affect the mental state in the morning, and fresh orange juice can quickly replenish the sugar and moisture required by the human body within 10 minutes, allowing you to reach Best state.

This time is when the ground temperature has risen and the green plants have produced enough oxygen in the sun, which is the best time to open the window for ventilation. It s best to stretch your waist by the window and breathe the freshest and most oxygen-rich air of the day.

It s time for breakfast. Chinese medicine believes that this is the time of the gastric meridian on duty, which is most suitable for food. Eating a breakfast rich in carbohydrates and proteins, such as whole wheat bread, soy milk, eggs, fresh fruits, etc., can not only store energy for the new day, but also make your whole body look radiant. Furthermore, this is when your body s metabolism is at its peak, fat is not easy to accumulate, and you can enjoy food freely. If you are getting up late, you should also have breakfast within 1 hour after getting up. Don t wait to eat with lunch, unless you want to be as long as a Japanese sumo wrestler, because they do not eat breakfast .

This is the best time for you to add vitamins! Because after breakfast stimulation, your digestion and absorption ability is most active at this time, you can better absorb vitamins A, D, E and so on. Another key time for drinking water to detox is up. At this time, it is the liver and skin to detoxify. A cup of warm water can remove toxic substances and reduce the burden on the liver.

This is the first prime time for work, when the brain is at full power, at this time, the memory is excellent, the nerve excitability is high, and it is not easy to be negatively affected by stress. TCM believes that the spleen is on duty at this time, so it has the most vigorous energy and high work efficiency.

The best time for lunch is coming! TCM believes that this is the time when the spleen is transported the most, and the effect of digesting food and absorbing nutrients is the best. Lunch must be balanced as much as possible, not only rich in protein such as chicken, fish, but also vitamin and mineral-rich green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables. At this time, don t take too much lunch, otherwise you will burden your spirit and mood in the afternoon.

You can take a nap at this time to rest your body after working all morning. Since the body has passed the first excitement of the day at this time, the reaction starts to be sluggish, so it is easy for you to fall asleep. The siesta time is preferably 15 minutes, and the maximum cannot exceed half an hour. At this time, if you are snoring at your desk, please prepare a sleep neck pillow, which is the kind used on airplanes during long flights. This way you can sit in a chair to snore, without having to lie on your desk, it will not compress your eyes, and it will be good for cervical health. Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that this is the time of the Heart Sutra on duty, and putting the body into sleep can play the effect of nourishing the sun and protecting the heart.

Drinking a cup of hot coffee at 14 o clock can not only promote fat burning, but also awaken your energy and physical strength, ensure that you are energetic in the afternoon, and avoid the incomplete metabolism of caffeine, which will cause you to sleep hard at midnight. Another key time for drinking water to detox is coming. At this time, the small intestine is on duty. Drinking a cup of warm water can dilute the blood and help you remove metabolic waste from the blood.

At this time, your whole body cells have started to re-energize, thinking and feeling become very sensitive, and this sensitivity can last for a long time, which is the best time to communicate with people. Whether it is a difficult client or a picky boss, communicate with them at this time, and your level of coping and improvisation will be greatly improved, and you can get the best results.

This is the highest temperature of a woman s body during the day. It is most important to eat fresh fruits to replenish moisture and lower body temperature, while nourishing yin and moisturizing. In addition, fresh fruits provide energy to your entire body to reduce the hunger that is about to occur. However, do not eat fruit immediately after a meal, otherwise the digestion time of the fruit will be prolonged, and it will be fermented in the stomach before it is digested and absorbed.

Are you upset for your body? Then, at 16:30, you should walk outdoors for 15 minutes and bask in the sun! At this time, the sun is dominated by the healthy ultraviolet A, which promotes the production of vitamin D in the body, which helps burn Fat is good for bone health and can reduce the incidence of arteriosclerosis. Psychologists also found that this time is the lowest point of a woman s emotions during the day. Sun exposure can stimulate serotonin secretion in the brain, make the mood happy, and prevent snack dependence caused by depression. Drinking a cup of warm water after the sun is a great way to help your kidneys detox.

Enjoy dinner at this time without fear of gaining weight. Because at this time your body s energy-consuming biological enzymes are most active, and energy storage hormone secretion is low. Moreover, the possibility of getting drunk at this time is small, and the alcohol you drink can be metabolized as quickly as possible without causing damage to the liver. Therefore, if you need to drink wine to help your meal, set the meal at this time.

The morning exercise is not as good as the evening exercise. At this time, the sympathetic nerves in your whole body become active, the body temperature rises accordingly, the muscle strength and elasticity reach the apex, the vital capacity and heart function are active, the blood viscosity is the smallest, the joints are the most flexible, and the entire body is in the most active fat burning The state, coupled with the increase in female hormone secretion, makes your mood more pleasant. Therefore, walking outdoors for 20 minutes or walking the dog for 20 minutes can maximize the burning of fat, release stress, and better regulate your body. Biological rhythm.

At this time, taking calcium tablets can be absorbed by the body to the greatest extent. Of course, calcium tablets can also play a calming and soothing role, which is conducive to later sleep.

At this time, the skin s metabolism is the most vigorous, so the use of masks or skin care products also has the best skin care effect. What else can you do? Quickly use your favorite cleansing product, wash your face, and then apply the most effective skin cream. It can do more with less.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that at 23:00 is the time of day and night replacement and the weakest yang, women especially need to nourish the liver and protect the liver by sleeping. If you stay up late, it will affect the liver s hematopoietic and detoxification, delay the cleaning of the internal organs, and greatly affect your skin, body and health. Recent research has also found that cell phone radiation prevents the brain from entering deep sleep. So if you want to get a good night s sleep , don t leave your phone by the bed. If you really have to stay up late, you must make up your sleep within 12 hours of staying up late, and sleep an extra hour or two the next morning, preferably a half-hour nap.

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