At the same time, don’t forget to protect your heart

Clinical studies have shown that approximately 70% of patients with coronary heart disease in our country have hypertension, and the relative risk of cardiovascular events and mortality due to hypertension will increase significantly with increasing blood pressure. However, many patients often only focus on antihypertensive compliance , but lack the management of the overall cardiovascular risk, resulting in continued illness and even life-threatening problems. Experts said that because hypertension is a cardiovascular syndrome, it is impossible to meet the needs of treatment simply by reducing blood pressure. Especially for patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease, cardiovascular risk should be managed at the same time as the blood pressure is lowered, so that the risk and mortality can be effectively reduced.

Because of the large temperature difference between day and night and the frequent alternation of hot and cold, experts remind patients that if clothes are reduced too quickly during this period, it will easily cause vasoconstriction and cardiovascular disease. In addition, if you don t get enough sleep, sudden increase in outdoor sports can easily induce cardiovascular disease. Therefore, if palpitations, palpitation, chest tightness often occur frequently or in a short period of time, go to the hospital to rule out pathological conditions such as coronary heart disease.

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