Sedentary lower body swelling Recommended massage weight loss method

We living in big cities, we are active in the small grid every day, working in the small grid; on the way to work in the small grid; sleeping is also in the small grid … sedentary work makes a lot of Young women become bloated, protruding belly, thickened legs, sagging buttocks! The swelling of the lower body makes the beautiful figure disappear in the past. So, how to lose weight? Massage weight loss is a good method, below editor Let s introduce:

The stress of work and fast-paced life make people s spirit in a state of tension for a long time. Under pressure, over time, the blood and blood in the body can not run smoothly, resulting in poor blood circulation in the lower body and edema.

Sacral position: The ring jump point is located on the lateral part of the buttocks, in the depression behind the greater trochanter of the femur. If you stand with your hips stretched, the two hips with the most depressions go about 10cm deep into the ring jump point.

Efficacy: Huanjue is a meridian of foot Shaoyang bile meridian. The acupoint is near the hip joint. Massage this acupoint can improve blood circulation, promote the consumption of fat accumulated in the lower body, and eliminate swelling in the lower body.

More and more professional women are busy with work, often sitting for a whole day, the hip muscles have been relaxed and squeezed for a long time, coupled with poor exercise, making hip muscles inflexible, the originally tight hips will be It becomes slack and sagging.

Effect: Under the stimulation of Chengfu Point, the muscles will become tense, so that the relaxed muscles will restore elasticity and vitality, and improve the condition of sagging hips.

Pressing method: First straighten the back, tighten the buttocks, and slowly inhale. Press the Chengfu point with four fingers other than the thumb. When pressing upwards for 6 seconds, exhale the air, and repeat this 10 times. Do it 10 times each morning and evening.

Massage can increase the temperature of the skin, consume energy, promote blood circulation, and allow excess water to be discharged from the body. Can be combined with peppermint essential oil during massage to promote bowel movements better.

Apply a proper amount of body milk to the palm of the hand, warm the lotion with the temperature of the palm, and then apply it from the abdomen to the waist. In the beginning, the strength can be lighter. If there is no discomfort , you can add gravity, and use the kneading action and massage cream to improve the fat, the effect is very good.

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