Often rub several health points to prevent disease

There are a total of 361 acupoints on the meridian of the human body. If acupoints other than the meridian are added, there will be thousands of acupoints on the body. It is impossible for us to understand all these acupoints. As long as we know a few acupoints that are commonly used in our lives Just like, the following editors introduce 10 common points for health care, I hope to help you health care and disease prevention!

Traditional Chinese medicine talks about the “head and head wind pool master”. For some head diseases, using the wind pool can be well solved. Pressing the wind pool points and surrounding muscles can help us effectively relieve cervical spondylosis, headache, or because of of Neck fatigue caused by bowing for a long time, and during work, proper massage of Fengchi points can refresh and relieve fatigue.

And the combination of Fengchi and its temples, Jingming and Sibai points can also help us to treat eye diseases, and also have a good effect on the treatment of myopia!

People with a bad stomach can massage Zhongli points properly. Zhongli points are on the abdomen, which is very close to the stomach. If acute stomach irritation occurs, you can press Zhongli points for 10 seconds. It can be relieved in 3-5 minutes ! Patients with chronic stomach disease can also choose to massage the acupoints, which can help digestion and strengthen the spleen and stomach!

Frequently pressing Guanyuan acupoints can help us to replenish kidney qi. Men often pressing Guanyuan acupoints can alleviate kidney deficiency and backache. Women often talk about Yuanyuan acupoints to help relieve many gynecological diseases. Before we press Guanyuan acupoints, You can rub your palms first. The palms of your prices are aligned with the Guan Yuan acupoints on the abdomen for rubbing motions, from light to heavy, until you feel hot!

Frequent pressing of the Neiguan points helps our blood flow, which can protect the heart. Press it vertically with your thumb for about 3 minutes each time until you feel sore. In addition, Neiguan points also have a very good effect on relieving headaches, sore throats and waist pain!

Tong Nei Guan acupoint is also one of the more common first-aid points. When a patient has a heart attack, let the patient lie down and cooperate with pressing Nei Guan acupoint to relieve pain.

Hegu Point is also known as Tiger Mouth Point. Appropriately pressing Kugu Point can relieve pain and clear heat. It is very effective in relieving facial diseases. When headache and fever occur, you can press Hegu Point to relieve the pain. It is advisable to feel sore, numb, and bloated. Works well!

Back and middle back mainly means that if there is back pain and discomfort, we can press the middle middle point to relieve it, because pressing the middle middle point can open the back and blood, but we also need to pay attention. Back pain caused by kidney deficiency, we still have to replenish kidneys!

Frequent pressing of Yanglingquan acupoints has a good effect on relieving pain around the shoulders, and it can also help us to relieve breast tenderness, rib tenderness, intercostal neuralgia, etc., the effect is very good!

Zusanli is an all-around health acupuncture point. In the folk, there is a saying “often press Zusanli, win an old hen”. Pressing Zusanli frequently, it has a good effect on the treatment of chronic gastrointestinal diseases and cardiovascular diseases, and it is appropriate. Pressing Zusanli can also relieve fatigue!

Sanyinjiao has always been called the acupuncture point for women, because regular acupoints can help maintain women s uterus and ovaries, beauty and beauty, make the skin smoother and softer, and insisting on rubbing Sanyinjiao every day can also help Relieve gynecological diseases such as irregular menstruation, but it must be noted that pregnant women are not suitable for rubbing Sanyinjiao, because Sanyinjiao has the effect of regulating the body s blood flow.. When pressing and kneading, place your thumb on the acupuncture point, press down and knead first, about 1 minute each time, and then knead after stopping.

Yongquan is the head of the kidney meridian. Frequently pressing and rubbing the Yongquan can help us to nourish the kidney, strengthen the spleen, invigorate qi and blood, and also help people with nervousness to regulate sleep. After washing feet every day, rub with the thumbs of both hands Yongquan points on the soles of your feet for about 10 minutes can improve sleep quality!

Pressing acupoints can help us alleviate physical discomfort, but we must pay attention that it does not mean that massage acupoints can cure all diseases, so we also need to treat acupoints correctly. In addition, not everyone is suitable for acupressure. Maternal and frail people must be under the guidance of a doctor, do not try at will!

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