Let’s do awake brain exercises

In the near future, some people may often feel sleepy, weak, drowsy, and wake up later in the morning. This is often called spring sleepiness. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. Energetic working life can only be achieved by ensuring good sleep.

Experts suggest: Citizen friends go to bed early and get up early, often stretch their limbs, walk slowly, breathe fresh air, make yourself happy, pay attention to the adjustment of emotions, keep calm at all times, do not move the fire, protect the liver while strengthening the physique, improve the Ability to resist disease and maintain good health.

Awake brain exercise: how to improve the state of sleeplessness and drowsiness in spring. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone get up and do the following set of brain exercises, so that they can live the spring refreshingly.

After rubbing your hands, heat your face. Put your fingers together, put your hands side by side, and cover your face. It seems like they are not connected, and your hands dont touch the face. This method can regulate the spirit, remove wrinkles, and lift complexion.

First, comb your hair with your hands, rub your fingers on the scalp with your fingers, rub your hands side by side, separate your ten fingers, comb your hair from the front hairline to the back hairline, and then press your two fingers to the Fengfu acupoint three times; this is done six times. This method keeps the brain awake and balances blood pressure.

Bend the index fingers of both hands, apply the middle section of the index finger and apply it to the forehead. After that, rub the temples with both hands to the temples, rub the temples, knead three times in a row, and knead three times for one time. Prevent colds.

Close your eyes slightly, and then rotate the eyeballs for six turns in the forward direction. After rotating six turns in the reverse direction, use your hands to massage the two eye sockets with the inter-rotation of the fish. This method can protect liver qi, eyesight, kidney, and make people feel good.

RUBAfter rubbing the sides of the thumbs of both hands to heat, rub the nose wings up and down to the heat, and then use the index finger to press the Yingxiang point to the heat. This method can promote lung qi, relieve cough, remove heat, and prevent colds.

The index fingers of both hands start from the lower part of the auricles, and then they are turned along the S-shaped route to the external auditory canal. After that, the external auditory canal is temporarily blocked, and it is pulled out as one time. Point to heat.

Experts suggest: In addition, as temperature rises and humidity increases, various bacterial viruses begin to multiply. If the doors and windows are tightly closed for a long time, or the air circulation is not good, it is easy to cause diseases, so the windows should be opened and ventilated.

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