How to deal with menopause

Menopause is a stage that women must go through. Women in this period are prone to boredom, seeing nothing at all, especially speaking, and always looking for other people s problems. These emotions often affect the mood, which in turn affects the health of the body. But for menopause, every woman cannot escape, but it can alleviate some bad symptoms of menopause. Xiaobian now gives you tips on how to survive the menopause in a healthy way.

First, you must have a regular life, sleep and get up on time, ensure 8 hours of sleep each day, and properly participate in labor and sports after work. The morning run is worth promoting. It can be used for half an hour to one hour. It can be used to play ball, dance or Tai Chi, etc. You can do it according to your own interests. This lifestyle will help alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

Insist on eating less and moving more to prevent obesity. Or have been obese, you should gradually lose weight. Avoid spicy food, such as fried food, curry, pepper and pepper. However, malnutrition should not be caused by less food to lose weight. In short, it is advisable to have a balanced and comprehensive diet, diverse varieties, and rich in vitamins and minerals. Experts point out that women s bodies undergo greater changes in different physiological stages. It is necessary to understand more about the various physical changes that occur during menopause, to prevent the occurrence of physical diseases at an early stage, and to learn the corresponding management methods to allow themselves or those around them to pass. Have a relaxed and happy menopause.

Everyday life should be easy and happy, understand that menopause is a necessary stage of life, understand the various symptoms that will occur during menopause, and after psychological preparation, women entering menopause should take a calm attitude and treat their menopause with calmness and peace of mind. All kinds of physical and psychological changes, and identify with the changed self, so that you can make psychological adjustments in time, alleviate psychological symptoms, and spend it safely. Even if there are many discomforts, you can solve them under the correct guidance without bringing psychological pressure..

Many female friends have ups and downs in their emotions in life and work, and they vent through some channels. Facts have shown that those who are good at venting are often in good health, while those who are not good at venting often cause self- harm. Women entering menopause have poor mental stability and emotional fluctuations, so learning to vent themselves is particularly important. It is recommended that they talk to others, communicate with each other, and turn anger into jade, and learn to control anger and thinking in other places. In the real life and work, there must be a little Ah Q spirit, but to adjust your emotions, you must also grasp the degree, neither too depressed, too out of control, and maintain a stable mentality.

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