alert! 5 common mistakes in intercourse

[Introduction] Sex life is wonderful, but there are always some people who misunderstand certain concepts or behaviors of sex life. Let ’s take a look at these common sexual misunderstandings in life. How do you know?

The position of sexual intercourse between males and females is called missionary position and legal position in the west. They believe that only this position can express godliness, and the rest are illegal positions. In fact, the main purpose of sexual intercourse is to entertain. As long as it is healthy, hygienic, and the sexual positions of both parties are correct, and different sexual positions have different sexual experiences, only the husband and wife can always have freshness., Different sexual feelings. In this way, it is beneficial to maintain the feelings of both parties and increase their own attractiveness. Therefore, for those who always adopt a sexual position, changing the position of sexual intercourse sometimes brings unexpected gains.

Many men think that the longer the sexual intercourse, the more sexual pleasure the wife will get, and the more satisfied they will be with sex. This is actually a misunderstanding. The quality of sexual life should be measured by whether the two parties have shared sexual and physical satisfaction, that is, whether they are happy spiritually and physically. The length of sexual intercourse should be based on the common needs of both parties. If the sexual intercourse is too long, men may feel bored or tired; the secretions of women s vagina will also gradually decrease, so that the vagina will turn from moist to dry, so it will not enjoy sexual pleasure. Of course, sexual intercourse is too short, that is, premature ejaculation, which is a type of male sexual dysfunction. In this case, it is impossible to have a high-quality sexual life. Therefore, the duration of sexual intercourse can be long or short, mainly based on the satisfaction of both parties.

During sexual intercourse, people always hope that both parties reach an orgasm at the same time and fully enjoy the joy of sex. However, due to the difference in degree and progress between the two parties from sexual arousal to orgasm, the two parties rarely reach orgasm at the same time. Because men have an refractory period after orgasm, that is, it is impossible to have sexual intercourse again in a short period of time, and women do not have refractory periods, so they can have multiple consecutive sexual intercourses and reach orgasm multiple times. Therefore, the ideal sex life is to make the woman reach orgasm first, so that when the man reaches orgasm, the woman has one or more orgasms. Of course, this situation is relatively rare. In fact, as long as both parties are satisfied in terms of sexual psychology, women s failure to reach orgasm can be regarded as a harmonious sex life.

In ancient times, there was such a saying that more communication and less leakage can prolong the years. Some modern literary works, especially martial arts novels, are even more admired for their tolerance. So how should we look at this problem? Let us first understand the composition of semen. Semen is composed of sperm and seminal plasma. The main component of seminal plasma is water, which accounts for more than 90%. There is not much difference between the main components and plasma. Sperm make up only 1% of semen. Therefore, from the generation and composition of semen, it can be seen that the nutrients contained in semen are minimal, and it is unfounded to call semen the essence and vitality of the human body. The testes produce a large amount of sperm, and if these sperm are not excreted, they will age and be absorbed. And forbearance can not cause prostatitis and prostatic hypertrophy, and severe cases may also have sexual dysfunction. Therefore, forbidden sperm not onl y can not be aphrodisiac, but also damages the health of the body. Of course, you can t overindulge. Moderate sex life can be good for your health.

Male and female sexual responses are different. Men disappear after a short period of time, while women s libido fades slowly after orgasm. Therefore, some men who fell asleep afterwards often were condemned by their wives for failing to do aftercare . In fact, these accusations are not all correct. Sometimes the man consumes energy in the process of inducing the woman s sexual arousal or promoting the woman s orgasm. The man has sexual intercourse in the condition of poor health or poor sexual interest, so that even if the woman is not sexually satisfied, the man is very tired afterwards. The ability to touch and save afterwards. The accusation of the husband at this time can only add more unhappiness. Marital sex life should promote understanding and thoughtfulness. Of course , as a husband in the future, you should stay as gentle as possible with your wife for a while, in order to adapt to the characteristics of the slow decline of sexual desire, so that women have greater sexua l and psychological satisfaction. The two sides sleep together again, ending a beautiful and harmonious sex life.

Of course, each couple in real life has different characteristics, different understanding and understanding of sex life, in order to make couples life more beautiful and harmonious, we must master the necessary sexual knowledge and have a correct understanding of sex. Self-restraint and out of misunderstanding, so as to fully enjoy the happiness brought by sex.

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