Start exercising in surprise

Farming proverbs It s time to surprise, don t stop hoeing. The seasons don t wait for anyone, and the moment is worth a thousand bucks. Most parts of China are entering the busy spring plowing season. So how should we exercise our body in this spring full of solar terms? Here are two sets of fitness programs for the amazing season:

The waist is the place of the kidneys, and the kidneys mainly store sperm. Due to the reason of detoxification, men s kidneys are vulnerable and the waist is the first. Especially after middle age, many men often feel weakness and pain in the waist or discomfort. The so-called forty waist in clinical practice. Strong waist exercise can strengthen kidney and waist, prevent lumbar muscle strain, maintain waist muscle strength and flexibility, and prevent the decline of waist motor function. Its actions are as follows:

① Swing your head and swing your eyes upright, with your legs separated, shoulder width, shoulders on your hips, and push your hips forward and backward for 5 times from right to left, and then 5 times in the opposite direction. Each group repeats the exercise 4 to 6 times. During the exercise, the movement should be slow and continuous, and the breathing will relax naturally.

② Anterior and posterior flexion: legs separated, shoulder width, shoulders crossed, put your head up and inhale. Then the upper body gradually bends forward to the limit while exhaling slowly. After a pause of 1-2 seconds, gradually lift the upper body , inhale, and try to dump backward. Repeat for 1 to 2 seconds. Practice 15-20 times per group. The range of exercises should be gradually increased, and breathing should be naturally coordinated.

③ Body-side rotation: look upright, with both hands on the hips, and slowly turn the upper body to the left and back to the limit. When turning, the body should naturally rotate with the head and inhale. After a pause of 1 to 2 seconds, exhale is restored, and continue to turn to the right and back to the limit while inhaling, repeating 25 to 30 times. During the exercise, the rotation should be coordinated with breathing, with your legs straight and your heels not off the ground.

④ push-up: kneeling, with both hands supported in front of the body, lowered with chest, arched back, inhale, stretch the body forward, raise your head, and slump into a push-up push-up action. After resting for 1-2 seconds, exhalation is restored. Repeat this 25 to 30 times. Breathe deep and slowly during the exercise, and stretch fully.

⑤Roll up: Hold your knees in both hands, sitting in a group. The body naturally rolls backwards and forwards. Note that the body is tight, rolling smoothly, and the range of motion is small to large. Roll back to the back of your shoulders and roll forward to sit up. Do this 25 to 30 times.

⑥ Sit-ups: Sit with your hands on your knees. Then turn to the left while stretching to a prone position, with both arms and legs straight, and the head slightly lifted. Stand still for 1 to 3 seconds, then turn it to the right and back, and at the same time retract your abdomen, body, and knees into the starting position, and continue to do the same movements in the opposite direction. Practice 25 to 30 times per group. Exercises should be adequate and the body should be tight. The entire movement should be coordinated.

⑦Standing massage: Put your legs up, put your hands on your waist, palms outward. Rub the back of your hand in a spiral shape from bottom to top for 15-20 times. When rubbing, the whole body is relaxed, the eyes are slightly closed, the energy is concentrated on the waist, the movement should be slow and soft, and the breath is natural.

Shake your hands, twist your waist, and lean back are the easiest to learn gymnastics. It has the functions of activating qi and activating blood, aphrodisiac and benefiting qi. Persistence in exercise can treat a variety of chronic diseases. It is most suitable for elderly or frail men. You can practice one after the other or just one.

① Shake hands: The method is to separate the feet with the shoulder width, relax the upper body as much as possible, and then use the wrist force to open the palms gently, and then extend the arms to the front with 30% strength. Extend to the rear with 70% strength. Hand shake can promote blood circulation, make the body lighter and strengthen physical strength. You can do it three times a day during the initial training, 100 times each, and you can increase the number gradually afterwards .

② Twist the waist: First open your feet with the shoulder width, relax your upper body as much as possible to keep the body in a natural state, and then tilt your waist back to the maximum. At this time, don t move your feet. It seems like you turn your head behind Action, turn to the extent that it cannot be twisted, then return to the front, and then turn repeatedly in the opposite direction in the same way. Swing your arms while twisting your body. Twisting exercise can enhance the function of the spleen and stomach, but also can broaden the chest and qi, strengthen the kidney and strengthen the waist, and have the effect of weight loss.

③ Lean back: Put your hands on the back, tilt your upper body back to the maximum, and then return to the original state. This kind of gymnastics can stimulate the du veins, stimulate the yang of the human body, enhance the vitality of the body, and regulate the function of the nervous system, and achieve the effect of rejuvenation.

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