Sedentary belly with long belly how to avoid fat accumulation

Autumn crickets are not posted to the right place, and they are all posted on the stomach, and there is no way to reduce them. Office workers, how to stick to confrontation in autumn? First of all, we must change bad habits and secondly we must adjust our mentality.

Expert Tips: To prevent the burst of the lower abdomen caused by sedentary, in addition to doing more exercise during work, you can also consciously take more steps after work. If you get off work by bus, you might as well get off at two stops in advance and walk home.

Many people who work in the office like to lie on the table and do not know that this sitting position is the most likely to cause fat to accumulate in the abdomen. And maintaining such a posture for a long time can easily cause diseases such as cervical spine and lumbar spine, which cannot be underestimated.

Expert Tips: It is best to consciously remind yourself to maintain the correct sitting position while working. That is, the upper body is straight, the abdomen is retracted, the lower jaw is slightly retracted, and the lower limbs are brought together.

Overeating and eating irregularly are the causes of the burst in the lower abdomen. Overeating people use food to suppress excited emotions. If they lack exercise, it will inevitably lead to fat accumulation, and the abdomen is the easiest to recruit.

Expert Tips: It is easy to gain weight by snacking, especially on the lower belly. It is best not to eat snacks while watching TV, especially those with high fat content such as peanuts, seeds, walnuts, etc. It is easy to accidentally ingest excessive amounts.

According to experts, stress conferences cause abnormalities in the neuroregulatory system, which affects the regulation of body fluids and lead to endocrine disorders. Eventually, abnormal fat metabolism occurs and fat accumulates on the small belly. In addition, stress is high, and some people will be out of mood to exercise, but instead eat a lot of food to relieve stress, causing a vicious circle.

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