Large temperature difference between inside and outside of air-conditioned room

In summer, most people like to stay in air-conditioned rooms. However, experts said that blindly blowing air conditioners in the summer may cause colds, back pain, and even induce strokes.

Many people think that it is the high season of stroke when it is cold. In fact, the stroke is also high in high temperature weather. When the temperature rises above 32 ℃, the incidence of stroke is 66% higher than usual. Will increase .

Health experts from the Ministry of Health said that the summer is hot, the blood in the blood is reduced, and the blood viscosity is increased, which causes the blood to the brain to be blocked, which can easily induce stroke.

At the same time, in high-temperature weather, the temperature of many air conditioners will be adjusted very low, resulting in excessive temperature differences between indoor and outdoor. When people go in and out of areas with different temperatures, this sudden cold and heat can make the blood vessels suddenly shrink and expand, and they can easily induce stroke.

Experts suggest that summer cooling should not be too greedy. Patients with diseases such as hypertension and hyperlipidemia should not blow air conditioners for a long time, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not exceed 10 ℃. You should always take medication to control the disease, closely monitor the increase in blood pressure, and adjust the medication under the guidance of a doctor.

At the same time, you can eat more foods that lower blood lipids and soften blood vessels, such as vinegar and hawthorn, and increase dietary fiber, soy products and fish.

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