Heel hit the ground to prevent bone loose

Older women are more likely to develop osteoporosis than older men. Improving lifestyle habits such as exercise and diet is a basic measure to prevent bone loss. Professor Yamada Ota of the Women s Medical Center at Sanno Medical Center in Japan suggested that you often do a heel-to-ground motion to strengthen bones.

The specific method is: stand your feet together with your feet upright, you can support the chair with both hands, lift your back heel, support it with your toes, and then drop your heel with a swipe. Do it every 2 seconds and repeat 50 times. Through the action of the heel hitting the ground, it brings a certain impact to the bones. The burden of nearly three times the weight can stimulate bone cell activity and make the bones harder. Professor Ota said.

In fact, osteoporosis does not just target older women. At present, bone weakening due to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes has increased the number of middle-aged and elderly men suffering from osteoporosis. Therefore, beware of men, women, and children .

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