Beware of obesity can also affect children’s intelligence

In the past, children had nothing to eat, and now their living standards are better. Many parents buy many nutritional products for their children in order to improve their nutrition. As a result of the current child s excess nutrition, leading to obesity, experts remind you that obesity will affect the child s intelligence.

Obesity will cause fat to accumulate in brain tissue, forming obese brain. Human intelligence is related to how much the brain grooves and folds are. The more obvious the brain grooves are, the more folds there are, the higher the intelligence level. The fat brain makes the sulcus close together, the wrinkles disappear, the cerebral cortex appears smooth, and the intelligence level will decrease.

Remind parents of gluttonous children that human brain activity is induced by excitement and inhibition, that is, some parts of the brain are excited, and some areas of adjacent parts are in a suppressed state. The stronger the excitement, the more inhibited the surrounding parts . Deeper and vice versa.

Therefore, if the autonomic nerve center in charge of digestion of the gastrointestinal tract is excited for a long time due to gluttony, this will inevitably cause the suppression of nearby brain intelligent areas such as language, thinking, memory, and imagination. If these areas are often inhibited, their intelligence will become worse and worse.

Childhood obesity is more difficult to lose weight than adults, because childhood obesity is not just an increase in the size of fat cells, but the number and volume of fat cells increase and increase at the same time, so it is more difficult to solve.

Experts Therefore, experts suggest that parents should let their children develop good eating habits from a young age, not partial eclipse, no gluttony, no overeating, strict control of snacks, daily diet should be regularly quantified, pay attention to balanced food mix.

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