Answer N questions about hair removal and face reduction

People who carefully observe life will definitely find that hair removal and face reduction are the most sought-after items in today s micro-plastic surgery projects. Because body hair is too long or too thick, it will affect the appearance and seriously affect the appearance of women. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve clean and beautiful results through hair removal techniques. Thin face can improve people s facial contours and make you look more delicate and beautiful. A few days ago, many netizens were consulting about hair removal and face reduction related issues. The following editors will answer them one by one.

Dr: It is not recommended to remove it with tweezers or shave it with a razor. Not only the newly-grown hairs will be thicker and darker, but the infection and the consequences of chemical service may also occur if they are not done well. Using depilatory wax, depilatory cream, etc. is relatively simple, but the hair will grow out quickly after depilation. And the repeated stimulation of hair follicles by these methods may make hair grow thicker, or local skin may have adverse reactions to chemical hair removal agents. It is recommended to choose the freezing point hair removal method. The principle is to damage the hair follicles, which is less harmful to the skin, has high hair removal accuracy and good safety. After one epilation, the number of hairs will be significantly reduced, most of the hairs will no longer grow, and the remaining few hairs will also be pale and soft.

Dr: The freezing-point painless hair removal laser only heats the tissue around the hair follicles to 40 tons, and the temperature of the hair follicles rises to 45 tons. The hair can be removed for a short time without thermal damage and overheating reactions. The entire process It can be done in a nearly painless state.

Dr: The freezing point hair removal method also follows the cycle of hair growth to determine the number of treatments. There are 3 periods of hair growth, growing period, stationary period, and degenerative period. The effect of the laser on the hair in the growth phase is obvious, and the hair pigment in the degenerative and stationary phases is relatively small. Therefore, the laser treatment is relatively weak. For the hair in these two periods, we need to wait for them. Laser removal can only be performed after Slowly changing to the growth period, so the freezing point hair removal treatment can not be done in one time. Generally, 2 to 5 consecutive laser irradiations are required to achieve the best effect. After the treatment, the skin will become very smooth and elastic .

Dr: At present, there is only one type of botulinum toxin. The general effect can only last for 6-12 months, but there are no side effects. Generally, the effect will be stable after 3 or 4 times.

Dr: Thin face needles will not leave scars like traditional thin face surgery, but they may rebound. This is also strange from person to person. After the operation, you should pay attention to rest and avoid strenuous facial movement, which can alleviate the occurrence of rebound. In addition, the effect of the thin face needle will gradually disappear after about 8 months. But this is also the advantage of thin face injection.

If you are not satisfied with the effect of thin face, you don t need to worry about it, because its effect is a permanent appointment. You can wait for the effect to disappear before you can improve your face shape.

In addition, it is necessary to remind that the hygiene requirements of hair removal surgery must be strict, and the equipment of all formal professional institutions must be carefully disinfected, otherwise many infectious diseases, especially blood-borne diseases, will be difficult to control.

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