Analytical injection breast augmentation

I believe most female friends know about breast plastic surgery, and some female friends want to do it. So what do you need to know about breast augmentation surgery? Many friends have chosen injection breast augmentation, which will not only leave no scars but also have a good breast augmentation effect. Do you know the safety of breast augmentation?

Hematoma: Injection of breast augmentation in the space behind the pectoralis major muscle and the space behind the mammary gland is a potential cavity, and there is no large blood vessel in the middle. Generally, it is not easy to cause bleeding, and the bleeding is mostly caused by excessively rough operation or insufficient hemostasis.

The thickening and shrinking of the fibrous capsule will make the breasts stiff and deformed, which will occur more than half a year, on one or both sides. Possible causes: hematoma; talc, fiber, etc. adsorbed on the surface of the prosthesis; insufficient separation of the cavity, or the prosthesis is too large.

Preventive measures: prevent and treat hematoma; pay attention to cleaning the surface of the prosthesis, do not bring in debris such as talcum powder; choose the appropriate size of the prosthesis, and the separation cavity is large enough; place the prosthesis into the space behind the pectoralis major muscle; pay attention to massage and physical therapy Etc. \\ u0026 gt; \\ u0026 gt; Injection breast augmentation is selected from body fat injection breast augmentation.

Unsatisfactory appearance: asymmetry or improper size and position. It is related to improper choice of prosthesis and insufficient separation space. After implantation of the prosthesis, it should be observed at any time and adjusted immediately

Feeling Nipple and areola sensation loss after breast augmentation injection: It is related to the damage of the intercostal nerve branches of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th, most of which can be recovered after half a year, and a few are permanent loss.

Injection breast augmentation is a plastic surgery project that can achieve breast enhancement without surgery or surgery, because it has attracted the attention of many beauty seekers. Injection breast augmentation can make women s breasts grow rapidly, but for the safety and effect of surgery, it is recommended that you choose a professional regular hospital Surgery.

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