Teach you hold arthritis

Studies have shown that each step of the person s walking pressure on the joint is equivalent to 4 times the weight of the person, so the greater the weight, the greater the pressure on the joint, and obesity is a major killer of the joint Obesity is likely to cause premature wear and degradation of knee cartilage and accelerate the process of knee degenerative lesions.

Avoid carrying or carrying heavy objects. Avoid standing and walking for a long time. There should be a gap between them to sit and rest. Try to sit on the toilet while squeezing and squat less.

Obese people have significantly more osteoarthritis than others. Losing weight to reduce joint stress and wear can effectively prevent the occurrence of osteoarthritis.

Pay attention to the safety of sports fields and sports equipment to avoid injury. Warm up before exercise, the amount of exercise gradually increases from small to small, do not participate in heavy exercise from the beginning. Relax in time after a lot of exercise. Seniors should avoid falling when walking.

Half Taijiquan and other squats or squats are very stressful on the joints of the lower limbs and should be avoided as much as possible. Climbing the mountain and the building will increase the pressure on the lower extremity joints, and should be avoided as much as possible . As you grow older, you should gradually adjust your exercise style, focusing on swimming, cycling, and walking to reduce the amount of exercise you need.

Many arthritis are caused by damage to other structures in the joint, such as knee meniscus damage. Early correct management of meniscus injuries can effectively prevent knee osteoarthritis.

Sacroiliac joint pain is an alarm issued by the joint to the human body, indicating that it should be taken seriously. Patients with joint pain should seek medical treatment in time to prevent small problems from becoming major problems.

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