Spiritual Living Diet Equinox Encyclopedia: Peaceful Orientation

March 20 this year is the spring equinox. The so-called spring equinox and autumn equinox equals day and night, the minute is half. This is the midpoint of the ninety days in spring. At the same time, the sun is directly on the equator, and the day and night are equal. With the arrival of the spring equinox, it means that half of the spring is over, the weather has changed, and there are continuous rains and rains. At this time, how do we carry out health care?

Every year On March 20th or 21st of each year, the sun reaches 0 ° of the longitude of the yellow, and the sun directly hits the equator. The day and night time around the earth is equal, and it is the spring equinox season. The day of the spring equinox is divided equally between day and night, and the yin and yang are equally divided. The solar terms at this time are characterized by the balance of yin and yang. Therefore, the health must also conform to the characteristics of the solar terms at this time.

In terms of mental recuperation, we must be calm and maintain a relaxed, happy and optimistic mood, so as to maintain our vitality, avoid joy and sorrow, and emotional fluctuations are not conducive to liver gas drainage, which corresponds to the characteristics of the yin-yang balance in the spring equinox season. In the spring equinox season, the spring is bright, the Yingying grass is long, the pink plums are white, and the flowers are in full bloom. At this time, it is still a good time for outings. You can go out with your friends in the wind and the sun, to increase your knowledge, and to facilitate the relief of liver qi. vent.

In terms of living, although the spring equinox has entered the second atmosphere, the weather is getting warmer, but the temperature difference between day and night is large, and there will still be cold currents from time to time, the weather changes greatly, there is more rain, and even rain. At this time, pay attention to adding and removing quilts. Don t be extremely cold, don t be too hot. Wear clothes that can be thick and thin. Pay attention to the lower limbs and feet to keep warm. It is best to sweat slightly to dissipate the cold potential of winter.. In particular, the elderly and children have poor resistance and are susceptible to infectious diseases such as colds or rubella. They should pay more attention to adding and removing quilts at the appropriate time.

The vernal equinox and surprise are both Zhongchun. At this time, the liver qi is strong, and the kidney qi is weak. Therefore, in the diet, you must quit the acid and increase the Xin, and help the kidney and liver. The politeness is cold and seasonal, there is more rain, and it is easy to get wet, so you should also pay attention to healthy spleen and stomach, and spleen and dampness. Eat more ginger, spring onion, buckwheat, chives, huaishan, wolfberry , potatoes, broccoli, chicken, carp, catfish, etc., and also combine medicated diet for conditioning.

Yam Lentil Carp Soup: 30 grams of white lentils, 40 grams of Huai Yam, 3 grams of dried ginger (or 15 grams of ginger), 1 carp (about 500 grams). First cut the carp by laparotomy, remove the scales, gills and internal organs, wash them, add an appropriate amount of water, cook with the first three flavors for 1 hour, add seasonings with salt and wine. Have spleen and dampness.

Poria porridge: 15 grams of Poria, 200 grams of japonica rice, moderate amount of rock sugar. Wash the Poria and Japonica rice, put them into the pot together, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook on low heat until the porridge is cooked, then add the rock sugar and cook briefly. Have spleen and dampness effect. Taizishen jujube Chenpi tea: 15 grams of Taizishen, 5 jujubes, 3 grams of Chenpi. Wash the ginseng and jujube, put them into the casserole together with the tangerine peel, add an appropriate amount of water, decoction, remove the residue and juice, and substitute for tea. There are qi and stomach effects. Pork Belly Atractylodes Soup: 1 set of pork belly, 60 g of atractylodes root, 45 g of ginger , 15 g of pepper, moderate salt. Wash the pork belly, degrease it, put it in boiling water, simmer it, and dry it. Put atractylodes root, ginger, and pepper into the pork belly, sew the pork belly, puncture the small holes with acupuncture, put in water, boil on high heat, and cook for 2 hours on low heat, season with salt. Remove pork belly, cut into pieces, and drink soup to eat pork belly. It has the effect of dispersing cold and warming the spleen and nourishing qi, and is especially suitable for people with spleen and stomach deficiency. (Chi Xiaoling and Xiao Huanming of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

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