Meridian massage can reduce weight

Provide a set of meridian massage for beginners, which is enough to stimulate the whole body meridian and achieve the effect of weight loss. No matter your age, you can try it! But when you enter the actual training part, you can practice some exercises to make the whole body relax, fatigue and reduce weight!

This is an abbreviated word composed of K (Ki, Qi) + H (Heaven, Heaven) + ECOL (Ecolgy, Ecology) + S (Somatic, Body). Qi is an energy that can last all life, and the ultimate purpose of the KHECOLS movement is to fully integrate the human body s Qi with the natural one. The specific methods are breathing and diet, and doing some exercises to stimulate blood circulation and meridians. Start by gently stimulating the entire body meridian, and finally use active gymnastics to promote blood circulation to end the whole exercise.

Now we will enter the actual drill part. The original content is divided into more paragraphs, but ordinary people can get very sufficient results with only these five items. Start practicing in a calm and peaceful atmosphere! As long as you keep practicing every day, you will feel comfortable and tired at first, and your weight will gradually begin to decrease.

Ribs: ① Use the thumbs of both hands to press in the place where the ribs are deep, and massage from both sides to the middle. The ribs are wrapped around the internal organs like a large bowl. Therefore, alleviating the tension of the ribs can not only in directly eliminate the fatigue state of the viscera, but also promote the circulation of qi and blood, and help to discharge garbage from the body. The stress will also be reduced a lot. ② Massage the ribs under the armpit to every part of the pelvis in the same way. There may be severe pain or tremors, but you must continue to do so until the symptoms disappear.

Belly: Breathe naturally, with both hands stacked, and then draw a circle in a clockwise direction to rub the abdominal muscles around the navel. In principle, it should be repeated 36 times, and at least 8 times, and it can be stopped until the friction becomes hot.

Lame legs: ① The right leg is bent and the knee is on the ground, and the left leg is naturally bent. Place the right elbow on the inside of the thigh where the bone joint is connected to the pelvis. Gently punch with the right hand, hold the right hand down firmly with your left hand, and make it strongly stimulated. If the upper body is swung back and forth while pressing, the effect of pressing will be more obvious due to the weight of the upper body. ② Move down to the tibia and massage the inside of the tibia. Use both hands to massage the inside of the tibia. Massage down to the arch of the foot in the same way. ③ Reverse the right leg and massage the muscles outside the thigh. Use the lower half of the right arm to push from the pelvis to the knee. The muscles on the outside of the thigh are very developed, so gently swinging the upper body back and forth to push and rub, the effect will be more significant. If the arm is not close to the thigh, you can use the thumbs of b oth hands to push and rub. ④ Raise your knees and massage the tangled muscles at the back of your thighs. Use four fingers to massage the middle part of the entire muscle from the pelvis to the knee.

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