Revealing Feng Shui Taboos in the Bedroom

We spend almost 1/3 of our life in the bedroom. The bedroom is the last haven for one person, and it is also a daily gas station. The environment in the bedroom will directly affect a person s rest and sleep. Good or bad is related to whether we can have strong energy and moisturized complexion … Of course, after reading this article, you will also find that the original feng shui theory is not mysterious, and it may not be a superstition. It can be explained with medical and psychological knowledge. Take a look at these six taboos below, they are closely related to your health!

Too many appliances in the bedroom are called fire house in Feng Shui, which affects health. Modern medical theory also points out that the radiation of electrical appliances does harm human health. The foot is the second heart of the person. If the television in the standby state is facing the foot of the bed, its radiation will more easily affect the meridian operation and blood circulation of the feet.

The investigation found that most of the residents with toilets in the bedrooms, especially the toilets facing the bed, had back pain. This is how lavish the toilet is, and the nature of its sewage can not be changed. The air quality is poor, and more moisture is generated after bathing. If the door of the toilet is facing the bed, it will not only make the bed wet, but also affect the air quality in the bedroom. As the world grows, it will cause back pain and increase the burden of detoxification of the kidneys.

Ancient Fengshui theory pointed out that houses have fewer adults and are fierce houses. They believe that big houses will attract popularity. Therefore, even the emperor s palace would not exceed 20 square meters in area.

In fact, the popularity in Feng Shui is the human energy field that we later discovered. The human body is an energy body that radiates energy all the time, just like the air conditioner at work. The larger the area of The house, the more energy is consumed. Therefore, the bedroom area is too large and the evil will cause the human body to lose energy due to excessive energy consumption, lethargy, decreased judgment, make wrong decisions, and even bad luck sick.

If the bedroom has a balcony or a floor-to-ceiling window, it will also increase the energy consumption during sleep, and people are prone to fatigue, insomnia, and the glass structure cannot save human thermal energy. This is the same reason that sleeping in the open air is easy to get sick.

Scientists also found that the energy field of sleeping in a bedroom with a balcony is weaker than sleeping in a bedroom with a balcony.

Wu Fengshui pointed out that sleeping in a room with a large window, facing east or west, is prone to blood of light due to light sha. Because in a room facing east or west, the violent sunlight in the morning or afternoon will cause the light in the bedroom to be too strong, stimulate the nerves to affect the rest, cause insomnia, and make people less prismatic and irritable.

Expert suggestions: Choose a room with a small window, north or south facing as the bedroom. If you have already moved into an east- or west-facing room, it is not possible to change temporarily, then pay attention to pulling the curtains at the appropriate time.

Fengshui called the chandelier press on the roof directly above the bed, and considered it heavy. Not good for your health. Modern psychological research has found that if a chandelier is installed on the roof directly above the bed, it will indeed give people psychological hints, increase people s psychological pressure, affect endocrine, and then cause a series of health problems such as insomnia, nightmares, and acute respiratory diseases.

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