Demystifying the Slimming Cream

Many people are interested in the celebrity appearance mentioning those magical slimming creams. Can you really wipe where to lose weight? Do these slimming products really work wonders? Senior coaches and dietitians of Zhongdi Beili Fitness Club will interpret them one by one.

It is understood that one of the effects of slimming product promotion is to promote blood circulation and intracellular circulation, eliminate toxins, and eliminate edema. Publicity introduction, if you see ingredients such as cocoa essence, capsaicin, lavender, geranium in slimming products, you can understand that it is beneficial to promote drainage and swelling.

Capsaicin is contained in many products, its function is to unblock blood vessels, stimulate the nervous system, and improve edema-type obesity by promoting lymphatic detoxification and perspiration.

Expert interpretation: First of all, the term edema-type obesity is unscientific. Obesity is the accumulation of fat, that is, fat cell hypertrophy. If the edema is also systemic, not local, unless it is caused by some disease.

Healthy women generally have estrogen due to the highest levels of estrogen secretion during the first few days of the physiological cycle, storing potassium, sodium, and electrolytes, that is, storing water. This is normal. As the physiological cycle ends, edema The phenomenon also disappears naturally.

Capsicum The function of capsaicin is to dilate blood vessels and stimulate nerves. If you have a hot feeling, it sa feeling of cyclic dilation, a feeling of nerves and muscles, not the fat consumption of muscles, or the increase in fat metabolism rate.

Slimming products have always focused on compactness. In the introduction of the product, it is said that the cellulite of humans is caused by the unbalanced storage and release of fat, resulting in the appearance of cellulite-like relaxation of cellulite.

If you want to eliminate the cellulite phenomenon, you must start with water-based fat, and the second effect of slimming products is to eliminate these cellulite tissues. According to reports, many products contain caffeine and other ingredients that can effectively eliminate orange peel . In addition, the extracts from caffeine, ginkgo and horse chestnut can accelerate fat metabolism.

Expert interpretation: Caffeine can increase heart rate, increase basal metabolic rate, and increase lipase activity. Due to the horny nature of the skin, the effect is minimal if you want to achieve consumption through application.

Because the skin can absorb very little, and it needs a certain concentration to produce an effect, generally it needs 5 mg per kilogram of body weight, and how can a slimming cream contains so much caffeine.

In addition, caffeine has a diuretic effect, but the elimination of water is not equal to the fat consumed, and excessive use of caffeine can lead to side effects such as heart rate disturbances, protein and calcium loss. If you want to eliminate the orange peel phenomenon, you can only consume excess fat, the fat disappears, and the orange peel is gone. This can only be achieved through exercise and diet control.

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