Work stress can also trigger asthma Doctor: Do n’t drink alcohol for asthma patients

Yesterday was the 15th World Asthma Day, and the theme of this year s World Asthma Day was Asthma can be controlled. Last year, 10,800 people from Southwest and Xinqiao Hospitals went to respiratory clinics for asthma. Work stress, emotional anxiety, these reasons you may not have thought of are the causes of frequent asthma.

In Southwest Hospital, there are about 1,000 asthma pathology files. Doctors will follow up and manage these patients for a long time. Professor Xiong Wei, deputy director of the respiratory department, said that emotional stress, long-term anxiety, and work pressure are too great. The main cause of asthma in white-collar workers.

Gu Lihui, a 27-year-old (a pseudonym), entered this pathology file 5 years ago. After her initial treatment, her asthma condition has been controlled. However, in the three years after she graduated from university in 2009 and entered a company for sales, she had eight breaths. Acute symptoms such as difficulty. During the communication, the doctor found that Xiao Gu was under too much work pressure, especially during the quarterly inventory, she was in a state of anxiety and tension for a long time, and her asthma was frequent.

Last year, she accepted the doctor s suggestion, Xiao Gu quit her sales job and switched to a civilian job in a publishing company. In the past year, we still use the same drugs and treatments, and she has not relapsed.

As for the causes of asthma attacks in adults, childhood asthma attacks are more related to lifestyle habits. The day before yesterday, a 7-year-old girl had a cough repeatedly since November last year at the free consultation at Xinqiao Hospital. At first , her parents thought she had a cold. After taking her medicine for cough, she slightly improved, but she coughed a few days later. The child is better, and when he comes home, he has a worse cough.

Yesterday, after a comprehensive examination at Xinqiao Hospital, the doctor determined that the girl had asthma, and the cause turned out to be a plush toy that the girl likes to hold in her hand every day when she goes home. Professor Wang Changzheng, director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine at Xinqiao Hospital, said that the quality of fluffy toys is uneven, susceptible to germs, and relatively difficult to disinfect. Children exposed to such toys for a long time can easily cause asthma.

In addition to toys, mosquito coils also have a significant impact on children. The 10-year-old Tong Tong s family lives in Shandong Village, Shapingba, and was sent to Xinqiao Hospital after an asthma attack at the end of April. After inquiry, it turned out that because the family lived on the first floor and the weather became hot, parents often used mosquito coils to smoke away mosquitoes, which unexpectedly caused the child s asthma. Professor Wang Changzheng said that soot in mosquito coils is also very likely to cause asthma. Professor Wang also reminded that parents must pay attention to observe their children. If the cough persists for a long time, they must consider allergic asthma.

Whenever an asthma attack occurs, take out a vial and spray a few doses of medicine into your mouth. Asthma symptoms will soon decrease. This is often seen in TV series. In real life, there are also many asthma patients who use this as a life-saving straw and ignore daily treatments. Mr. Wu, 42, is one of them.

Due to his allergic constitution, Mr. Wu has been suffering from asthma symptoms such as coughing and dyspnea since he was a child. But when I am not sick, I am no different from a normal person. Inevitably, he has always been accustomed to bringing a spray to deal with the acute attack of asthma. When spraying twice, he can always relieve it, so he usually does not get treatment.

Not long ago, Mr. Wu s asthma developed on the spot because of the higher concentration of liquor. Professor Wang Changzheng said that among the asthma patients who are routinely treated, there are a lot of adult males who have asthma due to alcohol consumption . Especially on holidays, one Spring Festival is over, we can receive 30 to 40 asthma patients. Drinking alcohol can cause life-threatening conditions.

Professor Wang Changzheng also mentioned that although most asthma cannot be cured, asthma itself can be controlled. In addition to using spray drugs to temporarily relieve the symptoms, daily treatment with doctors is also needed to control the frequency of asthma.

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