Photon skin rejuvenation is a beauty double-edged sword

Photon rejuvenation is to penetrate the deep pulse of the skin to the deep layer of the skin, affect affect the pigments and blood vessels under the skin, break down the stains without damaging the normal skin, and close abnormal capillaries, thereby achieving treatment of stains and The effect of capillary dilation. At the same time, photons can also stimulate the proliferation of subcutaneous collagen, reorganize the original collagen tissue, thereby shrinking pores, reducing wrinkles, and restoring skin elasticity.

Usually, many beauty seekers will combine photon rejuvenation with the past laser beauty. Actually, the two are targeted, not the same. The laser is mainly used to treat some pigmented and incapacitive skin diseases, such as Ota nevus, coffee-like spots, and washing of pigments behind the eyebrows. Photon skin rejuvenation is mostly used to treat various skin blemishes and aging problems caused by age and ultraviolet radiation, such as removing or lightening various pigment spots, facial red bloodshots, acne scars, eliminating fine wrinkles and shrinking large pores. Improves facial skin roughness, etc.

Photon s powerful skin rejuvenation effect, coupled with the strong recommendation of some entertainment stars, has made many lovers eager to try. In order to solicit customers, some bad plastic surgery institutions and doctors are bragging about the benefits of photon skin rejuvenation, without talking about some of its possible adverse effects. Misleading some beauty lovers, making them think that photon rejuvenation is a panacea for returning old age developed by modern technology.

In fact, even though photon rejuvenation is very safe compared to similar cosmetology, as with any treatment, photon rejuvenation has two sides:

On the other hand, there is also a latent risk of skin pigmentation changes. Individual differences are very large, and photorejuvenation is not suitable for everyone. Photon skin rejuvenation can indeed greatly improve the skin condition of the human body, but we must take a sober look at photon skin rejuvenation. It is not a panacea for Baishangbailing. Of course, there is no such treatment in reality.

Experts point out that people with darker skin and pigmentation are better not to use photon rejuvenation. Because these people must increase the degree of stimulation to increase the intensity of photon irradiation to achieve the effect, once it exceeds the safe range, it will stimulate the natural pigment and burn the skin. In addition, some skin problems such as spots are closely related to heredity and genes. Even if they are resolved at that time, they may recur soon.

In addition, branching equipment used by some bad organizations can easily cause skin burns or scars. Photon skin rejuvenation should be performed in a formal institution by trained professional physicians. During the treatment, the doctor will adjust the energy, pulse width, pulse and other aspects according to the characteristics of the individual s skin to ensure the cosmetic effect and reduce the potential risk of treatment. The kind of body that exaggerates the effects of photon rejuvenation is infinite, and avoid talking about any negative effects. It is recommended that those seeking beauty avoid it.

Finally, the experts reminded those seeking beauty, those with sensitive skin and people who have recently used photosensitive drugs, those with scar constitution and skin at the treatment site are infected, those with epilepsy, diabetes and severe heart disease and hypertension, and immune system defects People with abnormal blood coagulation and those who are using aspirin or antioxidants are not suitable for photorejuvenation.

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