Nutritional value of mandarin fish

Mandarin fish is also known as catfish and seasonal flower fish. It has always been considered as the best fish in the world and is a precious freshwater fish in the world. Even in the past, it was difficult for ordinary people to afford.

Catfish is a precious freshwater fish in the world. Oblong, pointed, big mouth, big eyes, green green fruit with metallic luster, irregular black spots on the side of the body, small scales, caudal fin truncated, dorsal fin with hard spines and toxins, the latter half The section is soft. Carassius auratus is tender, plump, plump and delicious, with no gall inside and few spines, so it is a premium fish species. Ming Dynasty medical scientist Li Shizhen praised the sturgeon as capybara , which means that it is delicious like puffer fish. Others compare it to the dragon meat in the sky, which shows that the flavor of catfish is really extraordinary.

Anchovies are as famous as the Yellow River Carp, the Songhua River Four-gill Perch, and the Xingkai Lake Great Whitefish. They are also known as the Four Freshwater Famous Fishes in China. It has few spiny meat, white and tender meat , garlic-shaped petals, solid and delicious meat, and it is the best food fish in freshwater fish.

Carassius auratus contains protein, fat, a small amount of vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium, selenium and other nutrients. The meat is tender and easy to digest. For children, the elderly and people who are weak and have poor digestive function of the spleen and stomach, Can tonic, without having to worry about digestive difficulties;

Suitable for those with weak constitution, weak to win, thin spleen and stomach, unhealthy diet and malnutrition; especially suitable for the young, old, women, weak spleen and stomach; patients with asthma and hemoptysis are not suitable for consumption;

The spiny fins and anal fins of sturgeon have spines and venomous glandular tissues. After being stabbed, people have symptoms such as swelling, fever, chills, etc. Pay special attention during processing and chop off before preparing dishes. When making clams, there is no need to laparotomy. First, there is a small eye near the tail near the abdomen. Cut it with a knife to separate the intestine from the fish body. Then insert two chopsticks from the mouth into the abdomen and rotate the two After the lap , pull out the viscera and fish gills together.

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