9 tips to manage your emotions for weight loss

Leptin helps to lose weight in two ways: one is that it will stop you from eating; the other is that it will encourage you to exercise and consume your body s energy. More and more studies have found that insufficient sleep affects weight loss. Another hormone that stimulates your appetite will run out when you lack sleep.

All meals in the morning, noon, and evening must be healthy. Don t escape a meal. Without a meal, when you re dizzy and hungry, you are likely to grab anything you eat and gobble it up. Physiologically, because your blood sugar plummets, you will feel extremely hungry, and then you feel that eating more is a natural compensation. In addition, after you escape a meal, your body will mistakenly believe that the nutrition supply will be insufficient in the future , thus reducing the rate of metabolism. The slower your metabolism, the harder it is for you to lose weight.

The body needs some sunlight to produce a complex amine that can give you a pleasant feeling. It can also resist your desire for sweets. So, when you want to eat candy, go out and ventilate, and bask in the sun. Keeping curtains or blinds open during the day is also a good idea to get in touch with the sun.

A statistic shows that for every hour that you spend on transportation, the probability of obesity increases by 6%. Similarly, for every mile (1609 meters) walked every day, the risk of obesity decreases by 8%. How can you have time to take a walk while you are not late for work? When you are talking on the phone, you can walk around in the vicinity of the phone; when you are watching TV, pull yourself up from the sofa between advertisements, move and stretch a little. Of course, for better results, stepping and squatting are best. Keep in mind the weight-loss precepts when going to the shopping mall: Don t take elevators and escalators.

If you can hide fat-prone snacks out of sight, it s almost equivalent to hiding them in unexpected places. Putting candy on the table can easily cause the desire to eat. Therefore, putting candy in an opaque container or a long distance will make you forget to eat it.

It takes 20 minutes for the stomach to send a signal to tell the brain that it is full. So when you eat too fast, your brain won t react so quickly. Conclusion: You realize that you are overeating when you are full. Use chopsticks to slightly adjust the speed of your meals, as you won t pinch too much at a time.

The darker the dining room, the more you will eat. Why? Because the weaker light makes you more relaxed and reduces your consciousness. Another study found that the brighter the dining room, the less you tend to eat. So consider adjusting the lighting in your dining room.

The next time I was popular, I took 10 deep breaths before asking myself: What s the big deal? There is another way: close your eyes, gently press your temple with your thumb, massage slowly, and throw the unpleasant things aside.

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