Mystery of the Aquamarine Super Whitening will be available in March

After years of research and development, scientists at Max Huber Labs have finally launched a series of LA MER aquamarine whitening series that contains precious nutrients and can bring the most gentle and effective care to the delicate skin of Asian women. LA MER Extraordinary Whitening Set, to be launched in March 2010, and the mystery of the sea blue

If you are a loyal user of LA MER s mysterious whitening series, this extremely luxurious and ultra-whitening set can meet all your whitening care needs during your travel. If you just admire for a long time but haven t tried it, this set is your ideal first experience.

LA MER Aquamarine Mystery Whitening Set contains 30ml of Aquamarine Mystery Cream and a complete set of whitening series luxury travel packs. It is carried in a smooth and elegant pale green cosmetic bag with delicate grosgrain lining. Whether it is a business trip, an outing, or the first attempt of the LA MER whitening series, this set can regain your dream of clear, flawless skin.

As the treasure of the town shop of the mystery of the sea blue, the core ingredient of this bottle of magic cream is Magic Active Extract. With continuous use, the skin becomes soft, firm and shiny. Skin texture is mildly improved, dryness is repaired, and sensitive and irritating phenomena are effectively calmed and soothed.

LA MER s mysterious breakthrough two-step quick-acting whitening care product. The leading soothing essence contains LA MER s unique anti-sensitive marine complex, which deeply calms, soothes and conditions the skin, and optimizes the skin s absorption state . A 100% pure cotton mask with an extremely luxurious touch, immerses the skin in triple unparalleled whitening effects: extreme whitening, extreme anti-oxidation and extreme anti-sensitivity. The specially embedded magnetized electric gems in the mask make the essence ingredients quickly penetrate to the bottom of the skin, reaching a new level of whitening beyond imagination.

Gives skin a deep whitening effect, diminishes the marks of age, and the skin reappears bright, white and natural purity. Formulated to strengthen the skin s fragile moisture barrier while reducing pigmentation, freckles and uneven skin tone. Highly effective anti-oxidant ingredients can help skin resist external attacks and prevent future pigmentation.

Reorganize the skin texture so that the skin can absorb the care ingredients of the subsequent whitening essence to the greatest extent. This skin toner makes skin softer, more delicate, fresh and pure.

Gently cleanse the skin, leaving it clean and refreshed. Make the cleaned face look like polished jade, blooming bright and clear healthy light.

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