Can a child really exercise to really lose weight?

Exercise should be coordinated and practiced in all parts of the body, and pay attention to rest (including the rest of muscles) and nutritional supplements. Can exercise really lose weight? Many people habitually think that as long as children exercise carefully, they can

But a British researcher published on the website of the British Medical Journal on the 6th has put forward the opposite view. They think that strengthening exercise alone is not enough to prevent preschool children from gaining weight. But experts also believe that exercise can improve children s motor skills, enhance their self-confidence, and help develop good habits.

Of A research team led by Professor John Riley of the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom allowed 545 obese children to exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes outside normal activities, while encouraging parents to let their children do more activities at home.

The researchers measured the child s body mass index (BMI) after half a year and one year later, and found that the data did not decrease. Body mass index is equal to the number of kilograms of body weight divided by the square of the height measurement. It is an important indicator of whether you are overweight.

Reilly said this means that children s exercise alone is not necessarily related to weight loss. Maybe children need more exercise and last longer to show results.

It may be necessary to change other behaviors, including eating habits. Childhood obesity is receiving increasing attention from the medical community and the public. Studies have shown that overweight children tend to bring obesity tendencies into adulthood, and there is a consensus that there is a link between physical obesity and conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

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