Add some Chinese medicine when drinking water to fight aging

Water is a magical substance. People need water to nourish it every day, but many people only drink water. They dont add some food to the water to make them healthier. In fact, in addition to simply drinking water, Adding some food to the water can make water have better health effects for your health!

Astragalus, also known as cotton astragalus, has been used in medicine for more than 2,000 years. Astragalus has good effects on enhancing the body s immune function, anti-aging, liver protection and diuretic. Therefore, this sentence has been circulating since ancient times. Words: Drink astragalus soup often, prevent disease and keep healthy.

The The astragalus soup mentioned above is actually soaked in astragalus. Astragalus water can invigorate qi, strengthen immunity and effectively prevent diseases, everyone can try it in life.

There is also a long history of using lotus leaves to soak water. In ancient China, people used lotus leaves to soak water to achieve diuretic health care. In modern medicine, people who want to lose weight will get a doctor s word recommend Use lotus leaf soaked water to drink , yes, lotus leaf soaked water has a good diuretic effect, enhances the body s metabolism and reduces internal waste. It is a healthy weight loss drink for obese people. In addition, drinking lotus leaf water often Can effectively prevent body edema!

Pueraria soaked in water also has excellent health effects. For example, people who drink with Pueraria soaked in water can quickly hang out and reduce the harm of alcohol to the body. It is recorded in Treatise on Febrile Diseases that soaked water can be effective To prevent fever, it can be said that pueraria soaked in water is a way of eating that is both health and disease prevention!

Many people will be troubled by poor blood circulation inside the body, causing various minor problems. In fact, this is not a big deal at all. As long as you drink it with 37-soak water, you can clear the blood circulation and reduce the poor blood circulation. And the harm it brings. In addition to drinking Sanqi water often, in addition to clearing the blood circulation, it can also regulate the levels of blood lipids and blood sugar in the body. It can be said that drinking Sanqi water has many benefits!

Traditional Chinese medicine is a weapon for combating diseases and strengthening health. After long-term practice, Chinese medicine has continuously found new Chinese medicines with anti-aging effects. Here, some Chinese medicines that have been proven to have anti-aging effects by Chinese and Western medicine are selected for brief introduction.

Kai Bao Materia Medica in Song Dynasty called it Jiufu long bones and bones, benefit the essence, do not grow old. Modern research has found that Polygonum multiflorum can promote the growth of nerve cells and has an adjuvant treatment for neurasthenia and other neurological diseases. It can regulate serum cholesterol, reduce blood sugar, and improve the ability of liver cells to transform and metabolize cholesterol. Polygonum multiflorum has a good antioxidant effect.

Shen Nong s Materia Medica believes that ginseng can replenish the five internal organs, soothe the spirit, fix the soul, stop the shock, remove the evil spirits, brighten the eyes and make the puzzle. Jiufu is light and prolonged. Modern research has found that it also has anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, liver protection, cardiovascular function, and hematopoietic system functions.

Compendium of Materia Medica calls it Jiufu is light and resistant to old age, It would be better to have a handful of Wujia than Jinyu. Modern research has found that Acanthopanax senticosus has anti-aging, anti-fatigue ( its anti-fatigue effect is stronger than ginsenosides), strong effects, can also regulate the function of the nervous system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, and has antibacterial anti-inflammatory and certain Cancer effect.

Shen Nong s Compendium of Materia Medica believes that Ganoderma lucidum can replenish liver qi, soothe the soul , long-term food, light and not old, and prolong the fairy . Modern research has confirmed that ganoderma has a regulating effect on the nervous system, respiratory system, and cardiovascular system. It has functions such as immune regulation, free radical removal, and balanced metabolism, which directly affect the human aging process.

Shen Nong s Compendium of Materia Medica states that wolfberry is long-serving, strong bones, light and not old, and resistant to cold and summer. Ben Cao Hui Yan praised enriching qi, blood tonic, yang can be born, yin can grow . Lycium barbarum has an as-is effect similar to ginseng, and can resist arteriosclerosis, reduce blood sugar, and promote the regeneration of liver cells. It has the effect of enhancing physical fitness and delaying aging.

There is no record of Rhodiola in the ancient Chinese herbal medicine. It is an anti-aging rookie only discovered in modern times. It has the effects of nourishing vitality, clearing heat, detoxifying, stopping bleeding, and restoring nourishment. Modern pharmacological and clinical studies have found that Rhodiola rosea has a tonic effect similar to ginseng. It can resist hypoxia, cold, fatigue, radiation, antiviral, inhibit cancer cell growth, improve work efficiency, and delay aging.

Gynostemma pentaphyllum is a plant of the Cucurbitaceae family, which did not see its name in ancient herbs. Japanese scientists have found that many components in its composition have the same structure as some ginsenosides. In recent years, Gynostemma pentaphyllum has anti-aging, anti -fatigue, anti-cancer, regulating endocrine functions, can improve human strain and immunity, and lowers cholesterol and transaminase. Prevent tumors, suppress ulcers, relieve tension, sedation and analgesia.

Royal jelly is a treasure in bee products, which is rich in nutrients, which can promote protein synthesis, promote cell growth, enhance the body s metabolism, and enhance tissue regeneration capacity. At the same time, because it is rich in superoxide dismutase and vitamins C and E, it is a rare anti-aging medicine.

As we all know, the culture of TCM is vast and profound. The above are just some of the traditional Chinese medicines for health. Its benefits are that it does not have much side effects on the body, but the effect is really very good. For example, if you want to eliminate edema, you can try lotus leaf soaked in water. For anti-aging, try some Chinese medicine such as Panax notoginseng and Chinese wolfberry.

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