About Liposuction

This is a regular cosmetic and plastic medical institution with qualifications for plastic surgery. After much consideration, I (23-year-old female 163cm, 53kg, moderate body fat percentage determination 26.7%) and my friend from Hawaii, USA (male 24- year-old 175cm, 75kg, moderate body size, and later use A generation) finally decided to do local Liposuction.

We are not obese, just because. In China, we often bar at night and drink a lot of alcohol, so some fat is slowly accumulated on the abdomen. Because A and I are very concerned about appearance, the advent of summer makes us hate and deepen our little belly, and finally we can t help but resolve the belly fat completely by liposuction.

In fact, local liposuction in foreign countries is very simple and common in surgical plastic surgery. Many people in the entertainment industry have undergone this operation. Because surgical and cosmetic surgery is expensive in the West, there are usually no special occupational requirements, and few people are willing to spend too much on it. We did not worry too much when we decided to perform this operation.. Although the medical conditions in China are sometimes worrying, let s just let us start the whole procedure.

We first came to this plastic surgery hospital for consultation. Perhaps because A is a foreigner, the hospitality received us very warmly. They took the photos of the patients who had undergone surgery in recent months to us for reference, and roughly explained the operation and recovery after the operation. We took a close look at the internal conditions of this hospital and carefully compared the reference photos provided by them. Everything seemed satisfactory. Just do it here. We decided unanimously. So the outpatient nurse took us to an observation room, and the doctors who followed them took a brief look. We asked for the location of the liposuction to inform us of the approximate cost of the operation and related matters about the operation, but they did not carry out too much Ask more.

When we returned to the nurse who had previously hosted us, we simply filled out a form to be considered as a case or something. The nurse calculated the cost of our surgery, presumed the date according to our requirements, and we paid according to the procedure. After receiving the appointment for the surgery, I took the relevant documents. This is what is called a pre-diagnosis!

After all, liposuction is also an operation. As a client, I will inevitably be a little nervous, so I involuntarily asked the mother of a medical expert. My mother strongly opposed my liposuction, which is probably the cause of medical accidents and negative publicity in plastic surgery at home and abroad in recent years. The mother seemed to be alarmist talking about the dangers and complications of the operation. The purpose is nothing more than for me to fundamentally dispel the idea of ​​liposuction, but maybe she has forgotten my character and there is nothing I can change. Now that I have paid the surgery reservation fee, I dont want to go back. Then I looked up the information about liposuction (Liposuction) online in Chinese, English, and some plastic surgery examples at home and abroad. A few days of online inquiry allowed me to objectively understand the pros and cons of liposuction surgery, the corresponding surgical complications, postoperative recovery, and so on. The matter is more detailed than what the doctor told us, and it is not as scary as the mother said, of course, some information about medical accidents caused by liposuction. There are, but all the way through, these medical accidents usually occur in beauty salons or informal institutions without medical licenses, which is the most important thing for surgical plastic surgery. Be sure to choose a regular institution with plastic surgery and cosmetic medical qualifications to perform plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, so as to ensure the quality of surgery and the hygiene and safety of the surgery.

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