The benefits of scraping

Scraping is a very common method of TCM maintenance. Many people use scraping to remove moisture from their bodies. Drive off the cold. In addition, what are the benefits of scraping? Today we will study the benefits of scraping. As well as the disadvantages of scraping, there are ways to scrape. hope that it can help us.

Experts point out that scraping is achieved by benign stimulation of the body surface, and its benefits are very obvious. Common benefits of scraping are:

When you scrape your hands and feet, you can achieve the purpose of air circulation. Female friends often have cold hands and feet. According to Chinese medicine, this is because the body s yang is insufficient, or the body s qi and blood are not running smoothly. You can scrape your palm with the scraper. After the palm heats up, use the grooves on the scraper board to scrape the four sides of the finger, from the root to the fingertips, 5-10 times in each direction , which can effectively ventilate.

Scrubbing the abdomen can be laxative. Long-term constipation will not only affect digestion and absorption, but also cause the body to absorb a large amount of toxins. The patient can scrape the surface of the scraping plate from top to bottom in the abdomen, wiping in order from left to right. It should be noted that if the internal organs are drooping, they should be wiped from the bottom up.

Scratching the eye area can be eye-catching. Many people do eye exercises and are familiar with several of them. Using scraping instead of pressing the fingers can better stimulate the acupoints. You should first use the scraping comb to click on the acupoints of eyes (on the sides of the nose, about half a minute from the inner corner of the eye), then use the acupoints of eye as the starting point and the outer corner of the eye as the upper and lower orbitals. This can effectively improve the meridian qi and blood movement around the eyes and achieve the purpose of relieving visual fatigue.

Scraping the neck can relax muscles and promote blood circulation. People who often sit in front of computers and work on their shoulders and necks are old. Scraping can effectively relax the muscles and promote blood circulation, and improve the state of qi and blood stasis that cannot be removed. The patient can think of the Dazhui acupoint from the midpoint of the posterior hairline (the depression of the seventh cervical spinous process), and scrape the left and right shoulders from the upper edges of the two outer corners of the posterior hairline . When you catch a cold, scraping this area can also play a role in clearing the wind and dispersing evil spirits.

Scraping is usually only on the patient s back or neck. According to the needs of the condition, sometimes it can be scraped on the sides of the anterior larynx, the chest, the spine, the arms, or the inside of the knees. You can also choose a suitable site for scraping. In addition, long-term scraping may easily cause the following problems:

For people with skin ulcers or other skin disorders, scraping is not a pleasure at all, but it is a torture, and it will cause greater damage to the already fragile skin tissue, and even cause infection and aggravate the disease.

痧 People who have problems with heart or liver function, or people with blood diseases, should not be scraped. Otherwise it will easily cause greater harm to the body.

Do not use this therapy for skin ulcers, injuries, and inflammations in the area to be scraped. It is also not recommended to scrape in the state of serious illness, serious illness, qi deficiency, blood loss, fullness, and hunger.

Scratches repeatedly on a certain part of the body until dark red spots appear on the scraped skin. The order of scraping is generally from top to bottom, scraping from the middle to both sides. When scraping, it should be taken in a single direction. It should not be scraped back and forth, about twenty times each time.

The head is covered with hair. You must use a scraper to wipe the hair, and you do not need to apply a squeegee lubricant. To enhance the wipe effect, use the edge of the scraper or the corner of the scraper. Each part is scraped about 30 times. The method uses flat-reinforcing and flat-reducing methods to hold the head in one hand to keep the head stable.

Because the appearance of the face affects the aesthetics, the method should be gentle, not to the degree of the appearance, and the face does not need to be coated with blood stimulants. Usually, the method is used, and large-scale scraping with gravity is not allowed. Swipe in the direction of the muscles from the inside out. Can be used once a day.

The high bone at the back of the neck is the Dazhui acupoint, and the force should be gentle. Use the tonic method. Do not use excessive force. Use a scraper to scrape the edges. To the degree of birth. The shoulder muscles are rich and should be harder. From the Fengchi point to the scapular point, it should be in place at one time without stopping in the middle. Generally use Ping Bu Ping Xie technique.

Swipe back from top to bottom. Generally, the veins of the midline of the back are scraped first, and then the bladder meridians and Jiaji points on both sides are scraped. The midline of the back should be gentle when wiping. Use tonics. Do not use excessive force to avoid injury to the spine. You can use the edge of the scraper to press between the spinous processes. You can choose the method of replenishing and reducing diarrhea according to the patient s physique and condition on the back. Use even force and do not pause in the middle.

When scraping the limbs, do not forcefully scrape the joints. Varicose veins and edema of the lower limbs should be scraped from the bottom up. Skin infections, ulcers, moles, etc. should be avoided when scraping. Such as acute bone and joint trauma , contusion should not be scraped, but in the rehabilitation stage, doing health scraping can recover in advance.

The knee joint has a complicated structure. When scraping, it is advisable to use a scraper to scrape the edges to grasp the correct part and direction of the scrape without damaging the joint. Wipe the joints gently. For those who have stagnant water in the knee joint, it is not advisable to scrape locally. It is easy to get blisters when scraping the back of the knee and lower end. When blisters are raised, it should be lightly scraped or the direction of the varicose vein can be changed.

The overall scraping order is from top to bottom. The head, neck, back, waist, or abdomen is the first, and the limbs, back, waist, and chest and abdomen can be determined according to the condition. Each part generally shaves the yang menstruation first, then the yin menstruation, first the left side of the body, and then the right side of the body.

Summary: Scraping is a kind of Chinese medicine therapy, which can relax and rejuvenate muscles, and produce blood circulation. For different parts of the problem, there are good solutions. There are many ways to scrape. Scraping in different parts can have different effects . It should be noted that there are some people who are not suitable for scraping, such as people with heart problems, people with blood diseases, small children and weak elderly people. Are not suitable for scraping.

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