The ancient health regimen

Jingshen occupies an important position in traditional health science. The ancients believed that God is the master of life activities. Keeping his spirits quiet and psychologically stable can maintain his vitality and reconcile the internal organs, and help prevent diseases, improve health and prolong life. On the other hand, the liver is annoyed, the heart is sad, the lungs are hurt, the kidneys are hurt, and even physical and mental disorders are induced.

The ancients believed that everyone wants to work hard, but no one can do everything; the poet Lu lobbying said that you should work hard to be small, which illustrates the positive effect of moderate exercise on health. In practice, the ancients figured out moving forms such as massage, qigong, Taijiquan, gossip palms, and Wu Qin Xi, which can strengthen the body and prolong life. If a person seeks comfort, lack of exercise, or overwork, it is easy to cause work injury , also known as five-work injury , that is, long-term blood injury, prolonged gas, sedentary injury, long standing injury, For a long time hurt.

The ancients believed that a reasonable diet can nourish essence and qi, correct the yin and yang bias of the viscera, prevent diseases, and prolong life. Therefore, the diet should pay attention to bottle food, that is, the grain is fed, the five fruits are assisted, the five animals are benefited, and the five vegetables are filled. Disease caused by dysfunction.

Traditional medicine highly respects the use of nourishing drugs to regulate yin and yang, nourish viscera and nourish essence and blood. Reasonable tonic can strengthen the body, prevent disease, and get rid of disease. However, tonics must be dialectical and appropriate, and should also be adapted to the four seasons. When taking a tonic, it is more suitable in the fall if it is a lung medicine; if it is a warm tonic, it is more suitable in the winter.

The ancients believed that essence and blood is the essence of human nutrition and the material basis of life. Only the internal organs of the five internal organs can be provided with essence and blood to maintain its normal function. If the libido is insufficiency and excessive blood loss, it will cause physical weakness, numerous lesions, and loss of life. The maintenance of Yin Jing can delay aging.

Meridian is a network system throughout the body, which controls the flow of blood and qi to ensure the normal function of various tissue systems. The Yellow Emperor s Internal Classic states that the meridians have the functions of deciding life and death , dealing with all kinds of illnesses, and regulating the truth. Ancient health experts believe that dredging the meridians can be used as an important measure of initiation, and the easiest way is to often stimulate, massage, and acupuncture the three important points: Hegu , Neiguan, and Zusanli. Hegu acupoint can prevent facial and facial diseases, Neiguan acupoint helps prevent heart disease, and Zusanli acupoint is most effective in preventing diseases of the five internal organs, especially the digestive system.

The ancients believed that there are four different weather changes in the sky, and that all things on the earth live, grow, collect, and hide, and the human body is no exception. Therefore, the ancients proposed the method of keeping in good health from the aspects of clothing, food, shelter and transportation. People s internal organs, yin, yang, blood, and blood must be adapted to the four seasons and cannot be reversed. Adjusting one s life behavior to the right time will help the body to prevent disease. Otherwise, retro-spring qi will easily damage the liver, reverse-xia qi will easily hurt the heart, reverse-qi will easily hurt the lungs, and reverse- winter qi will easily damage the kidneys.

The ancients believed that those who pursue healthy longevity must first start with self-cultivation. Everyday should eliminate all delusions, say more good things, and do more good deeds. The ancient medical doctor Meng said, If you can protect yourself, you must speak well and not leave your mouth. You have good words in your mouth, and you must do good deeds yourself. Sun Simiao said: Be sincere and considerate, and cultivate your morals to trouble. Developing good conduct and doing things that are beneficial to others can make you open-minded and happy.

The ancients believed that the human vitality has the functions of metaplasia, promoting and solidifying the blood, nourishing the whole body tissues, resisting diseases, and enhancing the function of the internal organs. Numerous factors, such as imbalanced nutrition, improper work and rest, emotional disorders, and pinching of diseases and evils, can lead to symptoms of vitality deficiency, depression, stagnation, and inverse, and then cause pathological changes in the body. The Qi Regulating Health Method advocates a series of measures such as careful living, smoothness , abstaining from overwork, preventing over-eating, adjusting diet, harmony with five flavors, regulating emotions, provincial speech, habituation, and behavior guidance, etc. The disease is prolonged.

The ancients believed that if people were moody, they would cause yin and yang and qi and blood disorders in the body. Excessive exertion can damage the temper, and injuries to the diet can cause dampness, heat, and phlegm. Offenses to six prostitution, evil outside the wound is full of diseases. This pathogenic factor is regarded as poisonous by the human body, so it is proposed to use attenuated to maintain the true health regimen. And through diet conditioning, taking drugs and other measures to reduce the accumulated poison in the body, can prevent illness, prevent premature aging, and then prolong life.

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