How to practice qigong in patients with hypertension

The census data in recent years show that the incidence of hypertension in China has an increasing trend. In addition to age, family history, high salt intake in the diet, obesity, etc., the predisposing factors are highly concentrated, excessively intense mental labor , working environment, living environment, and lifestyle mutations that are overly stimulating to hearing and hearing. Easy to increase blood pressure. As early as World War I, it was discovered that the blood pressure of soldiers on the front lines was higher than that of garrisons or residents. This shows that high mental tension, heavy responsibilities, and more contradictory environments are closely related to the occurrence of hypertension. Psychological research has also found that patients with essential hypertension often have certain personality characteristics. Most of these people have ambitious ambitions , are strong and victorious, do things too seriously, and are easily excited and upset.

Since the 1950s, various places have adopted comprehensive prevention and control measures based on qigong, and have gained a lot of experience in the prevention and treatment of this disease. For example, the Shanghai Institute of Hypertension has observed changes in blood pressure during a qigong exercise and compared them with changes in blood pressure at rest. It was found that under the same conditions, when the same patient changed from activity to rest, the blood pressure could slightly decrease, but when the rest continued, the blood pressure did not continue to decrease. Qigong exercises are different. The exercises begin to decrease after 5 minutes, and the blood pressure decreases significantly by 20 minutes. It shows that the decrease of blood pressure during exercise is not simply rest, but the physiological effect of qigong. The study also found that patients with hypertension are often accompanied by abnormal blood rheology, such as microcirculation disorders, increased blood viscosity, and increased platelet viscosity aggregation, and exercise can significantly improve microcirculation abnormalities and significantly reduce blood viscosity and platelet aggregation.

Hypertensive patients maintain a quiet and natural state during exercise, not only relax the body, but also relax the spirit. This can better eliminate the stress factors that cause blood pressure to rise, mobilize physiological potential, and make the body function It returned to normal and received good results. Therefore, patients with hypertension can choose Songjingong as their main exercise, as long as they are relaxed and natural, they will receive satisfactory results. If you use the method of keeping in mind, you should pay attention to: Keeping in mind different parts, the blood pressure will show corresponding changes. For hypertensive patients, it is necessary to guard the parts below the umbilicus, such as the following Dantian, foot soles (Yongquan point), etc., which can play a role in deflating the air and lower blood pressure and clear the mind. In addition, on the basis of Song Jinggong, it can be supplemented with self-guided acupoint massage to enhance the curat ive effect.

Hypertensive patients should practice at least one morning and one evening at the same time. At the same time, in daily work, they should learn to get busy, be good at relaxing in a tense rhythm in a timely manner, practice qigong for a while, calm the heart, maintain a calm mood, and treat hypertension. Rehabilitation and prevention are very beneficial.

As the treatment of hypertension by qigong exercise, not only has good short-term effects, but also has a unique effect on stabilizing blood pressure and consolidating the effect, without the many side effects of drugs. Therefore, qigong has great application value in the prevention and treatment of hypertension. Can focus on learning, decentralized self-practice, regular follow-up, easy to popularize and promote.

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