Gu Yu health: pay attention to disease prevention, eat more pollen honey

No matter men and women, who doesn t want to live more moisturized, but how to be healthy and beautiful in the face of increasing work pressure? In fact, the decision-making power is in their own hands. As long as they are in line with the changing seasons, their lives are moderate and properly maintained, and their eye-lifting value is completely fine.

However, although it is all spring, we really have to raise people. Early spring, middle spring, and late spring also have their own differences. Cold, let the body gradually become active from the state of dying in winter; in the middle of the spring season, the liver qi rises with all things, but tends to be hyperactive. Chinese medicine believes that liver qi can hurt the spleen, so the spleen and stomach should be nourished properly; To prevent heat build-up in the body .

Although it is late spring now, and the last solar term Gu Yu in the spring, but if you focus on maintenance from this point on, you will have enough time, experts said. As the saying goes, Rain makes a valley , Clear snow breaks, and valleys break through frost. At this time, the average temperature across the country reached above 12 degrees Celsius, and the amount of rainfall began to increase. It should be regarded as the best time of the year in nature.. The earth is lush, full of flowers, and full of vitality. The heart follows nature, and the mood and mental state of the person have reached the best state of the year.

It is particularly worth reminding that the so-called herb and sprout of old diseases , at the turn of spring and summer, it is also a time when various diseases are prone to chaos. Therefore, we must pay more attention to preventing diseases. For most people, allergies and Respiratory diseases are the two biggest problems that bother them at this time. At the same time, since the current stage is a frequent period of cold fronts and low pressure activities, such weather often has strong winds , which will affect the nervous system of the human body, make people feel nervous, irritable, and cause high incidence of neuralgia, such as sciatica and trigeminal neuralgia. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the causes of such neuralgia are mainly stagnation of liver qi, depression and melting of fire and feeling of cold and dampness, so it is necessary to nourish the liver, regulate qi, Tongluo, and promote blood circulation. In addition, because of the high temperatur e and end of the day, the weather is cloudy, the weather is erratic, the humidity is sweltering, and the temperature of the heating system is low, it is easy to induce coronary heart disease, arthritis, gastroenteritis, hand, foot and mouth disease. Associate Professor Yang Wenlian believes that in accordance with the season, each of them focus on health is the treasure passed down by our ancestors, and must not be abandoned. Properly caring for your body at the right time can do more with less.

It s very important to maintain good health in spring and develop good habits, said the professor. On the one hand, we must pay attention to climate change. Although the temperature during the Guyu season is mainly sunny and warm, it will still be cold and hot in the morning and evening. People who leave early and return late should take good care of themselves and take care of infants and young children. On the other hand, rising temperature and humidity provide conditions for the derivation and reproduction of viruses, bacteria, and molds. Therefore, it is very important to clean up the garbage in a timely manner, keep the home environment sanitary, regularly ventilate the room, and wash clothes frequently.

In addition, the diet should be light. In addition to eating high-quality protein foods, you can drink mung bean soup, sour plum soup, and green tea to clear out excessive fire. At the same time, it is not appropriate to eat mutton, dog meat, spicy hot pot, and pepper, Foods such as peppercorns, peppers, and other hot foods. Being active is also important. Whether you are going out for a walk, going out, or sticking to a sport that suits you best, there are many benefits. For example, young people can choose to fight and play; the elderly It s better to walk and play Tai Chi.

However, the professor also believes that although some problems can be solved through diet, daily living, and exercise, if you want to do more with less, you may choose to use products with the same origin of medicine and food, such as honey, propolis, and pollen, which are all at this stage. The good partner for people s health.

Honey: One of the biggest characteristics of honey is moisturizing. It is both food and medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. It can moisturize the lungs and pharynx when taken orally. At the same time, the main skin of the lungs can improve the dryness of the skin after raising the lungs; It can be used for laxative digestion; for external use, it has the effect of collecting sores and anti-inflammatory. You can also use honey to slap your face and apply points after skin allergies to make it neither red nor molt. In addition, you can also protect your lips, when you have aphthous ulcers, or contain honey five or six times, or mix honey, licorice, and rinse your mouth with water. Usually, you can also use honey to make a facial mask, add pearl powder, and do it once every 2 days to whiten and freckle; if the stratum corneum is thin, use honey, cucumber juice, egg white, especially good for allergic skin. If you have seborrheic dermatitis, add some honey to the shampoo and use it for more than 10 days to remove dandruff. Prepared royal jelly is also a good choice. It is easy to carry and absorb efficiently. Why not?

Pollen: Lotus, rapeseed, rose, and camellia pollen are all good choices. They can adjust lipid metabolism and are good for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In addition, because they can regulate intestinal factors, they can also fight aging. For young people who have been using computers for a long time in high-radiation environments, they can choose spirulina. It needs to be reminded that it is best to choose pollen products with broken walls. This product has higher nutritional content and is easier to absorb . Associate Professor Yang Wenlian said.

Probiotics and probiotics: Both are particularly good for people with long-term constipation, especially the latter. Due to the use of embedding technology, the flora is protected in the strong acid environment of the stomach and only released in the alkaline environment. Can play a better role, eat for a long time, can avoid constipation, bloating, dizziness, and lay a good foundation for a good summer.

Short peptide products: At the turn of spring and summer, it is the season when some diseases are prone to high incidence, or should we choose appropriate products to build a strong line of disease resistance. Short peptide products are good helpers that can add bricks and tiles, can enhance the body s immunity, repair gastric mucosa, protect the liver and prevent moisture, cancer patients, stomach patients, liver disease patients may wish to eat.

Grape seed: rich in protein, crude fat, various amino acids, vitamins and minerals, etc., is an indispensable element in a woman s health collection, and also has anti-allergic effects.

Although from the point of view of Chinese traditional health science, it is self-evident that the supplements of these medicine-food homogeneous health supplements are good for people, but in the real life, the prices of health supplements are getting higher and higher, The quality is uneven, and most people have to wait and see. Who knows if this is true or false, maybe its okay not to eat, but to get sick from eating. Such words are not just the opinions of individual people, but almost the common aspirations of many people. In fact, we are also very painful, knowing that we should eat some health products at some time, but how can we choose really good and cheap products? We are too confused. During the interview, many people told reporters that it was difficult Reasons for paying for health products.

First, don t blindly believe in advertising. Although now is the age of good medicines and diligent drinking, good product information also needs some responsible media to release to the public, but if companies just throw a lot of money into overwhelming advertisements, such Most of the products produced by enterprises are also untrustworthy. After all, products have costs. In this aspect, more money is spent, and other aspects are naturally less thoughtful.

Second, we still have to believe in big manufacturers. In recent years, many traditional Chinese medicine companies are implementing a certain degree of conversion to health care products companies. It should be said that there are more and more companies with strong production research and development technology as their backing. These companies have standardized operations and a strong sense of innovation. Therefore, the health products provided to the people are naturally more credible and safer.

Finally, do not believe that one product can cure all diseases. There is no such myth in the world. Any health care product or medicine has its highly targeted indications.

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