Disturbances of the body in the high temperature season can easily lead to collapse.

Sports is the healthiest and most convenient way to wick away sweat. It can not only exercise the body, but also excrete waste in the body and absorb fresh substances. With the arrival of summer, how to choose the proper exercise method and reasonable exercise time for scientific sweating has become a health issue that people pay attention to.

Many people think that the morning air is fresh and mellow. Getting up early to exercise can not only maintain a good mental state, but also bring benefits to the body. Therefore, when the sky is bright, you start morning exercises. However, you dont know that such misunderstandings have put your health to the test..

When the sun did not come out in the early morning, the outdoor plants had not started photosynthesis. After one night of decomposition, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air was high, but the oxygen was very small. If people exercise here, most of the inhaled is Carbon dioxide, and perspiration at this time can easily aggravate blood concentration and severe ischemic stroke. Correct and reasonable morning exercise time is especially important. It is recommended that friends try to exercise about half an hour after the sun comes out to avoid similar health embarrassment.

The human body In the summer, the metabolism of the human body increases. In order to quickly achieve the purpose of detoxification and fitness, some friends began to try to increase the amount of exercise and exercise time. And this suicide campaign has long been abandoned by health experts. The summer climate is hot, and long-term, heavy-duty exercise is easy for the body, and physical overdrafts, heat stroke, and insufficient fluids can not only exercise the body, but also keep health above the “high -voltage line ”. Therefore, summer sports are not as thunderous as possible, and the longer the better, the single exercise time can be from half an hour to 40 minutes. If you feel fit, you may wish to increase the number of rounds to achieve the purpose of sweating …

Exercise sweats and detoxifies the body and depletes a large amount of water. It is imperative to replenish water. In the summer, how to replenish water and replenish physical strength is vital to balance body function. Let s take a look at the moisturizing knowledge after sweating in summer sports!

Summer sports have a large amount of perspiration. After exercise, thirst often makes many friends want to hold a large glass of cow drink, which can alleviate thirst, and secondly, they want to replenish the body s water in time. I don t know that this way of drinking water is harmful to the body. No benefit. Drinking a large amount of water quickly and quickly will consume blood concentration quickly, which will bring a huge burden on the heart, especially after just exercising, the load on the heart will take some time to be relieved, so cow s drink will no doubt bring harm to the health of the heart. In addition, overeating also makes the body sweat reflexively, and once again the body that is dehydrated is in danger of overdraft; drinking too fast and too fast can easily swallow air into the body, causing adverse reactions such as bloating and abdominal pain. Therefore, after the summer exercise, the water needs to be gradually added, and the mouth of the flood and drought disaste rs can be swallowed slowly several times to achieve the purpose of soothing the throat and quenching thirst.

Drinking a glass of cold cold drink under high temperature will naturally make your body feel refreshed and refreshed, especially for those friends who have spilled countless sweats after exercise. However, this temptation makes the body pay the bill, which not only does not provide a good hydration effect, but also allows the gastrointestinal mucosa to contract the capillaries due to instant cold, causing gastrointestinal discomfort and even diarrhea. Warm water between 10-30 degrees Is the most gentle hydrating drink.

People will sweat a lot during exercise, and a lot of minerals such as potassium and calcium contained in sweat will also be lost, causing the body to be tired. Therefore, pay attention to the minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and selenium while hydrating. In addition, the use of salt water or mineral drinks is a good choice. It can not only maintain normal body metabolism, but also replenish physical strength and relieve fatigue.

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