Cold Cold Food Therapy Onion White Ginger Soup

When the winter and spring alternate, the rise and fall of the temperature difference is very easy to catch a cold. There are many dietary treatments for colds, but different dietary treatments should be used for different colds. When you encounter a cold and cold, if you are worried about using the wrong Chinese medicine to hurt your body, you may choose to use food instead. Cold sweats, promote the healing of colds!

Scallion is the most commonly used vegetable at home. It is often used as a cooking ingredient. Even families use it as a seasoning. In fact, onion can not only be used as a food seasoning, but the white parts of the onion can also be used as medicine for food therapy.

It has a mild, mild, mild, warm and sweaty effect, and has the effect of reaching yang qi. It is often used to help treat exogenous wind chills, yin and coldness, geyang outside, pulse micro-juicy inverse, diarrhea, and topical application can also treat sores and poisons. It is equivalent to ephedra, osmanthus fragrans and coriander. It can be used for cold and cold.

In addition, ginger has a mild, mild lukewarm, returning to the lungs, spleen, and stomach meridians. It has the effects of relieving colds, relieving vomiting, warming the lungs, relieving cough, and detoxifying. It is often used for colds and colds. Good relief of cold and cold symptoms.

However, it should be noted that ginger and light white are only effective for colds and colds, and there is no relief effect for viral colds. For patients with colds and winds, not only the efficacy can not be alleviated, but it may worsen, so in this diet Before you can determine what kind of cold you have, then take the right medicine.

After some children have a cold or cold, parents will feel very tangled because there is no child dose for most drugs on the market, and parents will also be very worried about whether they will overdo it and cause side effects to their children. Give the child a drink.

In the first place, the ingredients only have adjuvant treatment, not as strong as western medicine, and there are no side effects. In addition, ginger soup is a soup and water, and allowing children to drink warm soup can also help to promote the cold course. The only disadvantage is that the taste of the soup is not so good, and the child may have a feeling of rejection. Parents can add a little brown sugar appropriately, or use water to lighten the flavor of onion and ginger a little and give it to the child for many times.

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