What does Raining eat, Raining diet health principles

In spring, the liver is strong, and the spleen is weak. During the 15 days before and after the rain and the last 3 days of Qingming, the spleen is in a strong period. Liver qi and heart qi gradually become strong. The spleen will make the stomach strong, so that the digestive function is in a strong state. The strong digestive function is conducive to the absorption of nutrients, so this is a good time to replenish your body. At this time, suitable meals include: steamed scallion section, chrysanthemum bonito, etc., which have the effects of removing rheumatism, soothing bones, warming blood and qi; blood mushroom tofu tincture, raw duck soup have nourishing yin and stomach, reduce blood pressure, Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, clearing heat and detoxifying, nourishing blood and moisturizing. In addition, you should appropriately eat some foods that have the effect of nourishing blood and invigorating qi. This will not only improve your physique, but also lay the foundation for Andu Midsummer.

Passing Gu Yu means that spring is coming to an end. According to the viewpoint of TCM Spring Nourishing Liver, it is necessary to seize the opportunity to regulate the liver and blood. The main points of the diet at this time are nourishing the liver and clearing the liver, nourishing the eyesight. Among the many vegetables, the most suitable liver is spinach.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that spinach is sweet and cool and enters the intestines and stomach. It has the effects of nourishing blood and stopping bleeding, benefiting the five internal organs, communicating the blood, quenching thirst and intestines, nourishing yin and flattening the liver, helping digestion, and clearing gastrointestinal fever, and often has good effects on adjuvant treatment of liver qi discomfort and gastric disease. It has a good therapeutic effect on hypertension, headache, dizziness and anemia caused by insufficient liver-yin in spring.

After the rain in Kariya, the humidity in the air gradually increases, causing the human body to have an uncomfortable reaction from the inside to the outside. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine health, such a humid environment can easily invade the human body, causing poor appetite, poor body weight, head weight such as wrap, joint muscle acidity, etc., if already suffering from various joint diseases Rheumatoid arthritis is also easily induced in this solar term. Therefore, Gu Yu s health must pay attention to dampness, and cooperate with the diet. Foods with good dehumidifying effects include: white lentils, red beans, barley kernels, yam, lotus leaves, coriander, winter melon, tanned peel, white radish, coriander, kelp, bamboo shoots, catfish, bean sprouts, etc.

In the late spring diet, five aspects such as low salt, low fat, low sugar, low cholesterol, and low stimulus should be considered. Low salt is to eat less sodium, because too much sodium can induce hypertension, so the daily salt does not exceed 6 grams; low fat is to eat less oil, and the total daily intake of oil does not exceed 30% of the total diet; Eat less free sugar, too much sugar will also affect human health; low cholesterol is to eat less animal foods containing high cholesterol, because too high cholesterol can cause arteriosclerosis and heart and cerebrovascular diseases, and meat foods should not exceed 300 grams; eat less spicy food with less irritation.

The twilight and spring climate is complicated, but most regions have very windy weather. At this time, the human body will easily lose water, and its resistance will decline accordingly, which will easily induce and exacerbate colds and many chronic diseases. At this time , hydration is particularly important. After a night s sleep, the body consumes more water. Drinking water in the morning can not only replenish the water lost due to body metabolism, wash the empty stomach, but also effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It is advisable to drink 250 ml of water.

In the spring, you should choose to eat low-fat, high-vitamin, high-mineral foods, such as fresh vegetables, including amaranth, spinach, malantou, toon head, dandelion, etc., these can play a role in clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood eyesight, Tongli two The effect of spleen, refreshing spleen and appetizing. In spring and summer, you should eat less acidic foods and spicy foods, otherwise the liver and fire will be be stronger, and the spleen and stomach will be injured. In late spring, you can drink mung bean soup, red bean soup, plum soup, and green tea in addition to eating high-quality protein foods and fruits and vegetables to prevent heat buildup in the body. It is not advisable to eat lamb, dog meat, spicy hot pot, hot peppers, peppercorns, peppers and other hot products, in order to prevent the evil heat from heating the fire and inducing sores and sores.

Kariya Yucha is a spring tea harvested in Guyu season (the new tea collected before Guyu is called Yueqian tea), also known as Erchun tea. The temperature is suitable in spring, the rainfall is abundant, the tea buds are plump, the color is green, the leaves are soft, rich in multivitamins and amino acids, the tea is fresh and the aroma is pleasant. It tastes mellow and fragrant, and is especially good for people s health. It can pass through the whole body s unpleasant qi: use tea to drive moisture, use tea to prevent illness, and use tea to nourish anger. It is said that Guyu s tea on this day will clear the fire, ward off evil spirits, and watch the eyes, so there is a custom of picking tea in Guyu in the south. No matter what the weather is, Guyu will pick up some new tea and drink it back in Chashan to pray for health.

In addition, in the Guyu season, poppies and catkins fly around in the wind, which easily cause symptoms such as nose itch, cough and skin allergies. People with allergies should prevent allergic hay fever, allergic rhinitis, and allergic asthma during this period; pay attention to reducing the intake of high-protein, high-calorie foods in the diet; pay attention to reducing outdoor activities, if you go out, it is best Be well protected.

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