Sports Therapy for Obese People

Obesity in the medical sense refers to a certain degree of obvious overweight and thick fat layer, which is a state caused by the accumulation of body fat, especially triglycerides. For obesity caused by too much heat energy intake and too little activity, the preventive method is to consciously control the heat energy intake and actively engage in physical or sports activities to consume excess calories and avoid excessive fat in the body. For accumulation, everyone should grasp the content and time of the activity according to their own circumstances, but they must be persistent.

1. Lie on your back, slowly raise your legs to 90 degrees, inhale, slowly fall, exhale. Do a total of 50 lifts. Straighten your legs, feel a contraction of your lower abdomen muscles when lifting upwards, and feel a sense of resistance when falling.

2. Lie on your back with your arms raised flat with your palms facing down. Stretch your legs up to your chest and inhale; stretch your lower legs straight up and inhale; slowly lower your thighs forward to your heels and exhale; contract your abdominal muscles, lift your upper body, bend forward, and inhale The upper body slowly rises and leans back to the supine position, exhaling. The above action should be slow and coherent, and the abdominal muscles should be controlled to increase the resistance of the action . Made 10 times.

3. Deep breathing contraction and relaxation of abdominal muscles. Place your left hand in front of your abdomen and your right hand behind your back. Stand, inhale, and tighten your abdomen. At the same time, your left hand presses the abdomen inward, exhales, gradually relaxes the abdominal muscles and straightens forward. When contracting the abdominal muscles, gradually shrink, and the upper body naturally straightens. Repeat 50 times.

It should be noted that the use of sports therapy to lose weight should be carried out on the basis of proper diet control. Choosing a combination of endurance and strength sports has better results. The amount of exercise should be a combination of large, medium and small, step by step, the total amount of activities should be gradually increased in order to continuously consume calories, reduce weight and improve physical fitness.

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