How to adjust the lungs

Because of environmental pollution or bad living habits, many people have lung problems. The lungs are the respiratory system. If there is a problem in the lungs, it will endanger illness. Clearing the lungs and protecting the lungs is necessary. I believe that everyone would like to know the method of clearing the lungs. Let me give you a detailed introduction to understand it together.

Rinse the ravioli, remove the outer skin, and remove the radon nuclei. Wash the japonica rice, soak it in cold water for one hour, remove it, and drain the water. Add 1000 ml of cold water to the pot, add rice, red dates, boil over high heat and add 枇杷, change to low heat and cook into porridge, and add sugar to taste and serve immediately.

Wash the 鹧鸪 well, add ginger, spring onion, and water to remove the fishy smell. Put the washed north and south apricots, chuanbei in a stew pot, add 300ml of water and simmer for 2 hours.

North apricot flavor is slightly warm, southern apricot flavor is sweet but not bitter, can relieve cough and relieve asthma, laxative and laxative, Chuanbei tastes slightly warm, has phlegm relieving cough, clearing heat and dissolving effects, and sweet gan can warm phlegm The five internal organs can be used together to eliminate phlegm and cough.

Lily Wash the lily water in a bowl, pour it in honey, put it in a steamer and steam for 30 minutes, or dry or air dry. Take 7 times before bedtime.

Bake walnut kernels and make them into walnuts for later use. Chrysanthemums are boiled, filtered, and retained. Add fresh milk and sugar to simmer, sprinkle chrysanthemums and walnuts.

The best way to clear the lungs and protect the lungs is diet therapy. There are no side effects and it is beneficial to the body to obtain nutrition. Presumably everyone likes it. Usually pay attention to diet hygiene and nutrition, eat more lung-protection food, the fall and winter are coming, the lungs should be more nursing, we must pay more attention to it.

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