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Specific method: between 1:00 and 5:00 a day, sit cross-legged, adjust your luck, then close your breath, lift your left hand firmly, and move your other hand to the chest to hold the nipple. After exhaling slowly , hold your breath and change your right hand. Lift, move your other hand to your chest and hold the nipple. Do this 5 to 7 times repeatedly, then move your teeth 36 times, adjust your breath and breathe, and the fluid will swallow Dantian 9 times. Curable: spleen and stomach injury, blood stasis, yellow eyes, nosebleeds, sore jaw, swelling and pain on the outer side of the forearm, palm fever, etc.

Adapt to the illness: lethargy, lack of energy. Specific method: Sit naturally, upper body straight, relax the whole body, relax both hands from the outside of the two thighs, grab the right foot with your left hand, grab the left foot with your right hand, pull hard to the sides six times, and then cross your arms with two hands. With the inner thigh stretched out, grab your left foot with your left hand, grab your right foot with your right hand, and pull back hard six times.

Liu Zi Jue is a way of tossing. It uses different pronunciation patterns of six characters: huh, huh, pharyng, blow, and hee, and the force of the lips, teeth, and mouthpieces are different to affect the visceral and meridian qi and blood.

Exhale and read the boo, gently point the big toe, and slowly lift your hands from the lower abdomen. The back of your hand is opposite, and the ribs are level with your shoulders. Looking inwardly, his eyes stared as he exhaled. As you exhale, take in your breath, slowly lower your arms with your hands in front of you and your chest and abdomen in front of your chest and abdomen. Do the second spit. Do this six times for one readjustment.

When snoring, gently press the big toe of your foot, lift your hands from the front of the lower abdomen, palms up, to the umbilicus, turn your left hand up to the top of your head, and press your right hand down to the front of your belly. When you exhale and inhale, the left arm rotates inwardly into the palm of the hand and falls from the front. At the same time, the right arm rotates and the palm moves inward. The two hands are crossed on the chest. The front of the abdomen hangs naturally on the side of the body. With the same method again, hold it on your right hand and press it on your left hand for the second time. Do this alternately for a total of six times and do one breath adjustment.

Gonghu word cures abdominal distension, diarrhea, tired limbs, loss of appetite, muscle atrophy, skin edema and other spleen disorders. Gong can treat symptoms such as eye disease, hepatomegaly, chest tightness, loss of appetite, dry eyes, dizziness, etc.

Exhale and read the words, feet four or five toes. Lift both hands from the side of your body like a pin-shaped object, and then pass the abdomen to the level of the two breasts. Turn the palms outward and turn your palm outwards , and lift your head toward you. Turn your palms up and your fingertips facing each other. When inhaling, the fingers are separated, the head slowly falls from both sides of the body, and the air is drawn to the four toes of the feet . Repeat six times to adjust the interest rate.

Specific method: You can sit on the sofa or chair, use your left hand to move your left foot on your right leg, and rub the upper half of the left foot with your right palm. Put your foot on your left leg and rub the upper half of your right foot with your left hand for 108 times.

Adaptation: This method can nourish yin and tonify kidneys, reduce turbid qi, clear qi, increase nerve conditioning, cure neurasthenia, irritability, chest tightness, bronchitis, hypertension and insomnia.

Ouch Lie on your back, relax all over, rest your head on a moderately high pillow with your feet as wide as shoulders, put your hands next to the thighs on both sides of your body, palms down, and close your eyes gently. I want to relax above my head, relax my ears, relax my shoulders, relax my two big arms, relax my two forearms, relax my palms, relax my two fingers, and then relax my head, my face, my abdomen, my perineum, and my thighs., Knees relax, Calves relax, Feet relax. The big toe, the two toe, the three toe, the four toe, and the small toe are relaxed in sequence, the feet are relaxed, and the feet seem to be immersed in warm water. (In summer, the feet are immersed in cold water.) Repeatedly (this exercise can stand, sit, lie down).

Specific method: stand naturally, with your feet apart and shoulder width, your arms hang down naturally, palms facing inward, middle fingertips close to Fengshi acupoints, lifted, tongue against palate, lifted anus, and clear the mind. Relax your whole body, and visualize the point where the front and back hairline and the tip of your ears meet, Baihui. Long-term vision can enhance the physiological function of the brain, put the brain in a relatively inhibited state, and promote the supply of cerebral qi and blood.

Specific method: stand naturally, with your feet apart and shoulder width, your arms hang down naturally, palms facing inward, middle fingertips close to Fengshi acupoints, lifted, tongue against palate, lifted anus, and clear the mind. The palms of the two hands rub against each other until they are hot, with the palms facing the stomach, a distance of about 10 cm, and ten toes simultaneously grasping the ground for 10 minutes each time. Do this for 1 hour after each meal. The effect is remarkable .

Specific method: stand naturally, feet apart with shoulder width, arms hang down naturally, palms facing inward, local fingertips close to Fengshi acupoint, topping, tongue against palate, levator anus, cleansing the mind. The whole body is relaxed, knees bent down and squatting, two palms together as a chest, the eyes seem to be closed, staring at the middle fingertips of the two palms, standing for 5 minutes, the two palms apart to cut the malaria. 10 cm from the chest, 20 minutes. The location of the truncated malaria point is located in the chest, four inches down from the left and right breasts, and two points are counted left and right.

Specific method: Sit on a chair with your feet apart and shoulder width, your thighs and calves at a 90-degree angle, and your trunk straight. The whole body is relaxed and the lower jaw is retracted inward. With your whole body relaxed, press your middle acupoint 108 times with your middle finger, and once every morning and evening. Forehead point, this point is in the midline of the forehead, from two eyebrows to the lower third of the hairline.

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