Gu Yu, adjust the biological clock

Health experts said that because the weather was still humid before and after Gu Yu, citizens with a wet body should pay attention to both diet and exercise to improve their physical fitness.

Kariya rain is the end of the solar terms in spring, and the climate gradually warms as the temperature rises. At this time, the skin of the human body is loose, the pores are enlarged, and the blood supply to peripheral blood vessels is increased , which leads to the sedative and hypnotic effects of the nervous system and makes the body sleepy. From a health perspective, sleep should be adjusted.

But the turn of spring and summer in Guangdong is often a struggle period for some people. Due to the early morning light, some citizens who are accustomed to sleeping late in the winter and getting up late, the biological clock is a bit messy. In winter, I usually go to bed at 12 o clock in the evening, get up at 8 o clock in the morning, and then hurry to get dressed and rush to work. But now it s different. I m not sleepy at 12 o clock in the evening. When I go to work, I will always be sleepy. Recently, Tingting, who worked at a bank in the urban area, had difficulty adjusting to the biological clock during the adjustment period, her face developed acne, and her eyes appeared panda. Everyone said that drinking milk before bed was effective. I drank it for almost half a month, and it didn t show any effect. Because Tingting was a front desk staff member of the bank, and she was just a newbie who just graduated, she even said that her daily work pressure was very high. Coupled with poor sleep, she complained a lot to reporters.

In this regard, health experts believe that there is a process of adjusting the sleeping biological clock at the turn of spring and summer, but it varies from person to person, some people will not affect sleep for this small change, and some people are more sensitive and will worry about this. He suggested that health care should be done before bedtime, and the focus is on adjusting the mind, that is, mental adjustment-sleep first, then sleep eyes. Half an hour before going to bed should stabilize your feelings, calm your mind, and get rid of all distractions. In addition, it is best to clean your face, wash your feet, and massage your feet before going to bed. This can promote blood gas operation, warm up the internal organs, calm your nerves, eliminate fatigue, and help you fall asleep. In other words, insomnia is affected by the state of bedtime and psychological changes. If you are worried that you can t sleep before going to bed, then you must not be able to sleep at night. Th erefore, it is important to relax.

On the other hand, at the turn of the spring and summer, Dr. Chen advised the public to go to bed early and get up early, not to sweat excessively, in order to nourish the viscera. In the spring and summer, by receiving the sun s rays early in the morning and absorbing the yang , the cold and humid air accumulated in the body in the winter is dissipated through the sun and heat in the spring and summer, which helps strengthen the muscles and bones. If you sleep enough for 7 hours, the normal early rise time should be 4-6 o clock in the morning; if you need to sleep for 8 hours, the normal early rise time should be 5-7 o clock. At this time , you can start to do some outdoor sports. Help the body work.

In the south, the valley rains relatively much during the rainy season, but the weather in Qingyuan this year is a bit abnormal. It is either pouring rain or sultry weather, and the latter is mostly. Despite the hot weather, health experts say that the weather is still humid at this time, causing the body s moisture to not be able to escape. The combination of heat and humidity in the body will form hot and humid, and it is easy to produce impetuous emotions.

how to solve this problem? diet! In the City Hospital of Chinese Medicine, many elderly people admitted to the hospital after entering March or April have symptoms such as joint pain, low back pain, or asthma attacks. Most of these are caused by physical weakness and the combination of cold and moisture in the body. Pediatric patients with a recent cold show an increasing trend. The symptoms are mostly tonsil enlargement, inflammation, bronchitis, cough, etc., which are related to heat and humidity.

This season, in accordance with the principle of health care that Chinese medicine focuses on in the four seasons, the first step in spring is to nourish the liver and liver. The main points of diet at this time are to nourish the liver and clear the liver, and nourish the eyesight. Among the many vegetables, the most suitable for health The liver is spinach. It is reported that spinach is sweet and cool, enters the intestines and stomach, and has the effects of nourishing blood and stopping blood, replenishing the five internal organs, blood circulation, quenching thirst and intestines, nourishing yin and flattening the liver, helping digestion, and clearing gastrointestinal fever. The adjuvant treatment of comorbid gastric disorders often has a good effect. It has a good therapeutic effect on high blood pressure, headache, dizziness and anemia caused by insufficient liver yin in the spring.

Experts believe that the valley rain season is affected by the climate and easy to get sick, so special attention should be paid to life, of which diet is the key. Because the most important thing for health in this season is to strengthen the spleen and dampness, in daily life, you can eat more foods that dampen the water. Including red beans, black beans, barley kernels, yam, winter melon, coriander, kelp, catfish, bean sprouts, etc. For example, when cooking porridge in the morning, you can add more barley kernels, red beans, etc.

At the same time, eat less acidic foods and spicy foods. Drink green bean soup, red bean soup, sour plum soup, and green tea to prevent heat buildup in the body. It is not advisable to eat lamb, dog meat, spicy hot pot, hot peppers, peppercorns, peppers and other hot products, in order to prevent the evil heat from igniting the fire and inducing sores and sores.

In addition, in this season, people are prone to lack of vitamin B2 and vitamin C. Some people will suffer from lips erosion and inflammation of the corners of the mouth, commonly known as rotten mouth corners. In response to this symptom, you should eat more soybean sprouts.

It is suitable to eat some cereal foods that can relieve mental stress and regulate emotions before and after the rain. Cereals are rich in B vitamins and have a significant effect on improving depression. Wheat germ, standard flour, buckwheat flour, barley noodles, millet , barley, soybeans and other beans, and black sesame are also rich in B vitamins.

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