What diseases do obesity cause? These hazards must not be ignored

  People with obesity in the upper body are susceptible to diabetes. The larger the hip and waist circumference, the higher the risk of diabetes. As long as the waist circumference of men is greater than 85 cm and women are greater than 80 cm, the risk of developing diabetes is more than four times higher …

  The relationship between coronary heart disease and obesity is very close, because obese patients have more adipose tissue in their bodies, and a large amount of lipids will be deposited on the arterial wall, leading to narrowing and hardening of the lumen, and easy to cause angina pectoris, coronary heart disease, and sudden death. And stroke.

  The fat metabolism ability of obese patients is relatively poor. In addition, the amount of activity is reduced, and the body s use of free fatty acids will be reduced accordingly. A large amount of free fatty acids will be accumulated in the blood, which will increase the blood lipid capacity and trigger hyperlipidemia. disease.

  Obese patients have more adipose tissue in their bodies, which puts an extra burden on the body and increases the body s consumption of oxygen. In addition, obese patients with too much fat on the abdominal wall and chest wall, breathing activity will also be limited to a certain extent, the superficial breathing volume will be reduced, resulting in reduced inspiratory volume, obese people will have difficulty breathing. Because obese patients have reduced lung function and inadequate ventilation of the alveoli, shortness of breath, fear of heat and sweat , and fatigue easily occur.

  60% of obese patients will have mild fatty liver, especially for patients with abdominal obesity, the risk of fatty liver will be higher. Fatty people, because of high-fat food for a long time, and hyperinsulinemia in the body, cause the liver to reduce the rate of triglyceride synthesis, leading to a large accumulation of triglycerides in the liver, thereby forming fatty liver.

  High blood pressure is a common disease in life. As long as it has a great relationship with physical obesity, 50% of people who are obese will have high blood pressure. The greater the degree of obesity, the higher the chance of developing high blood pressure.

  Body obesity can bring so many diseases to the body, so you must actively control your weight in daily life. You must not make the body overweight, avoid eating high-calorie and high-sugar foods. That s it, especially if you ca nt eat too much dinner, take a certain amount of time every day to exercise to break down fat.

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