Photon rejuvenation and acne removal to improve injured skin

Acne marks make us beautiful and difficult to be confident. As always, we have tried a variety of methods to remove acne marks. Photon skin rejuvenation is the best one. What is the principle?

Photon Skin Rejuvenation (Acne) Imprint is the most popular method of Acne Removal. Applying the unique photothermal treatment technology, photothermal energy efficiently kills P. acnes. Its biggest advantage is that the effect is fast and no Any side effects. Photon skin rejuvenation ( acne) seals have a diameter of about 0.2 to 0.3 cm, which can effectively solve acne marks.

Constantly promote the proliferation and rearrangement of deep collagen fibers and elastic fibers to restore the skin s elasticity and tension; the skin rejuvenation treatment with the pure oxygen and water necessary for the human body can promote the regeneration of the epidermis and reshape the collagen and elastin of the dermis, Consolidate the effect to achieve an excellent skin beauty effect. Photon rejuvenation will cause some slight pain when it is irradiated to the skin, but it will not cause damage to our skin, and the burning sensation on the skin will disappear within 2 hours.

According to the principle of photon skin rejuvenation, we can know that photon skin rejuvenation has obvious effects on acne marks. In order to gain better acne mark effects, the editor reminds you to choose light food to help the body detoxify and avoid detoxification. Tobacco and other substances that hinder metabolism, as photon skin rejuvenation is laser treatment, sun protection is very necessary after surgery.

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