Get rid of bad habits and lose weight faster after giving birth

Many mothers who have just given birth are thinking about losing weight quickly and returning to their normal physical condition. Postpartum obesity has long been a problem that has plagued many postpartum women. How to lose weight after birth has become one of the compulsory courses for many women. Postpartum obesity not only affects the overall beauty of an individual, but also easily causes various diseases, and various family problems caused by it are also increasing.

After Postpartum obesity is due to the increase in female hormones during pregnancy and the difference between postnatal physical conditions, resulting in disordered hormone secretion, slowed metabolism, resulting in weight gain, and postpartum body fatness.

They all feel that sitting for too long will flatten their buttocks. In fact, standing too long will not allow blood to return from a remote place, which will cause insufficient oxygen supply to the buttocks, poor metabolism, and varicose veins in your legs. Terror! Raising the back and raising the anus is a good standing posture, the back is straight, and the abdomen is lifted. At this time, you feel the movement of the anus contraction and secretly make the buttocks contractible. Beautiful women who need to stand for a long time, please be sure to move from time to time to do the movements of lifting your legs and lifting. You must steal at least five minutes in one hour!

Many postpartum mothers eat too much to feed their children better. In fact, the postpartum diet is very important. Be sure to eat nutritious foods. These foods will not affect your daily calories. Vitamin-rich foods can ensure your health and your baby s growth, so that s all it takes. No special meal preparation is required.

Many mothers think that breastfeeding is not suitable for exercise, and they are basically immobile every day. From a scientific point of view, the mother can go out of bed the next day after giving birth. But for a mother who has a caesarean section, it is best to get out of bed and exercise later. Proper exercise is not only helpful for body recovery, but also beneficial for milk production.

Obesity after childbirth is a problem that women all have to face. At this time, there is no need to be discouraged. As long as you establish the correct beliefs and have enough confidence, don t lose your goals, don t deluded that you can achieve the desired results in a short period of time. Make reference to your actual situation. Generally, it is normal to lose a pound a week. This is not harmful to your health. Remember, step by step can keep a healthy body to lose weight!

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