Abdominal massage quickly eliminates small belly

Sitting in the office every day, there is a gradual trend for the little belly of the crushes. But after a tiring day, I don t want to exercise after work. The fat on my stomach grows longer and longer. What should I do ?

Rub the abdomen: The practitioner lies on his back on the bed with his hands folded on the abdomen and massages them 50 times each clockwise and counterclockwise; then, puts his hands on the abdomen and massages up and down 50 times. Requires no thoughts, you can lift your abdomen with a sigh of breath to practice morning and evening.

Carcass rotation: With the legs standing upright and shoulder-width apart, with both hands on hips or on both sides of the body, swing with your body and turn your body 50 times to the left and right. It is required that the legs do not move when turning, and the turning width should be large, straight waist, and head and neck should be top.

Bend forward and stand up: Legs stand upright and shoulder width apart. The upper body tends to bend forward and then stand up. Require the knees to be straight, try to touch the ground with both hands, and do it 50 times in a row. (You can also progress gradually in number according to your physical condition).

Raise your legs high in turn: stand with your legs straight (you can also hold your hands against the wall, writing desk, window sill, or on the bed or carpet). Keep your upper body as still as possible, and lift your knees against your chest. Do each 50 times.

Sit-ups: Practitioners lie on their backs on the bed or carpet, with their legs straight, sit up with their upper body, and lean forward, while touching their toes with both hands, and repeat several times in a row.

Small Twisted hip jump: Jump straight to knees and twist hips on both feet, twist both hips at the same time, swing left and right on both chests in the opposite direction of hip twist, repeat several times in a row.

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