Seaweed Mask Easily Say Goodbye to Acne Oilfield

Introduction: Pure natural plant seaweed is a versatile and effective skin care material. Medical research shows that it contains protein, vitamin E and bone gum, and the seaweed mask is a skin care product made from the mineral ingredients of seaweed extract. Seaweed mask can achieve beauty effects such as oil control and hydration, lightening acne scars, whitening and freckle, etc. It is a good helper for MM. Let s take a look at how to make a seaweed mask.

① Oil control and hydration: it can alleviate the dryness and dehydration of the skin immediately, and at the same time can improve the sebaceous gland secretion of oily skin, gradually make it normal to the skin, and make the pores shrink and fine, especially suitable for sitting in front of the computer for a long time and MM for oily skin.

②Reduce acne scars: Seaweed mask can eliminate acne and acne wounds, and at the same time play an anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effect, especially suitable for oily skin and acne-prone skin.

③Whitening and freckle: It has a good promotion effect on skin regeneration after sun exposure. After use, the skin can be noticeably whitened and thinned. At the same time, it can repair dark spots caused by environmental reasons such as short-term sun exposure and insufficient sleep. The seaweed mask is a beauty product specially prepared for oily skin MMs.

Specific process: Take 1/3 spoon of natural seaweed powder, 1 spoon of glycerin, and heat mineral water in sufficient quantity. Stir seaweed powder and glycerin in mineral water. It should be noted here that seaweed is very absorbent, and the water must be sufficient, and it is best to warm the water. If the water is not enough, it will be hard and the collagen cannot be fully released, but it is easy to stick on the face if it is too thin live.

While waiting for the seaweed to fully bubble, we are not left with nothing to do. Before applying the seaweed mask, you must clean your skin first, and then stretch the adjusted viscous mask into a face shape and apply it on the face. You do not need to avoid the eye area. After 20 minutes, remove it from the bottom to the top. Rinse in warm water, then apply moisturizing lotion, and you re done.

In this way, if you stick to the seaweed mask 2 to 3 times a week, you can clearly see the improvement of the skin s oil secretion. In addition, in order not to leave a lot of nutritional masks after the application, the mask can be wasted. The seaweed is mixed with a little water and used to care for the hands, neck, and feet.

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