How obese people should face the temptation of sweets

For most western obese patients, the most feared and most difficult to control weight loss diet is the restriction on sweets. Such patients know that the occurrence of obesity is related to eating too much sweets, and they also understand the adverse consequences of obesity, but they are difficult to correct. If you ask them: Do you love sweets, don t you love your body? This question often answers: No, I love my body, but I also love sweets.

Any kind of healthy diet culture should pursue two kinds of enjoyment: the first is the enjoyment of taste, that is, a kind of satisfaction to eating itself, which is the mouth blessing that Chinese often say. The second is the enjoyment of the body , that is, a sense of satisfaction that good diet will bring to physical health. These two kinds of enjoyment are very important, I believe it is very easy to judge. If a person focuses solely on the enjoyment of food without paying attention to its impact on physical health, it may be upside down.

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