Raining season health soup for spleen and dampness

Before and after Raining, the temperature was relatively stable. As the saying goes, Clear snow breaks, Guyu breaks frost. Generally, the weather is warmer and the rainfall is starting to increase than before. The previous solar term was just rain , especially in our south. From this solar term, the temperature rises and rainfall increases, and the human body becomes more sleepy during this time. At this time, in addition to paying attention to exercising, we also need to focus on spleen and dehumidification in diet conditioning.

Fresh earth Poria is compatible with pork vertebrae boiled with broccoli beans. It smells mellow and moisturizing. It has the effects of strengthening the spleen and dampness. It is one of the family soups in spring, warm and wet, suitable for all ages.

Poria cocos, also known as Hog Poria, Coptis, and Red Poria, are tubers of perennial evergreen vines of the family Liliaceae. They are flat, sweet and light, and belong to the liver and stomach meridians. The moist effect can be used for damp skin toxins, scorching dampness and heat, treating various skin diseases and diarrhea, kidney diseases. Modern pharmacological analysis contains alkaloids, trace fatty oils, phytosterols, steroid saponins, tannins and other ingredients. It is suitable for a variety of cancers, and it mainly improves the symptoms of esophageal, gastric and rectal cancers of the digestive tract. Earthy Poria is mostly used as a dry product, while fresh products are mostly used in therapeutic soups, because in addition to its efficacy as a medicine, it also has a delicious and refreshing odor. Eyebrow beans are often used in Guangdong folk to dispel athlete s foot, water and dampness, and the pig s spine has the effect of replenishing the bone marrow, which is a soup , which has the effects of strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi, removing dampness and water, eliminating fatigue and strengthening the body.

[Cooking] Fresh soil Poria is scraped off the skin, washed, and cut into pieces; the eyebrow beans are slightly soaked and washed; the pork spine is washed and cracked with the back of a knife, and then the soup and ginger are put into a clay pot together Add 3000 milliliters of water (about 12 bowls of water). After the Wuhuo pot is boiled, change to a wenhuo pot for two and a half hours, then add an appropriate amount of salt. This amount can be used by 3-4 people. Eyebrow beans, pork spine Can be picked up and mixed with soy sauce for serving.

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