Girl, don’t stay up all night always with dysmenorrhea!

Why do women often stay up late to cause dysmenorrhea? Staying up late will disrupt all women s biological clocks, which will affect women s human life. The endocrine disorder will easily cause symptoms of endocrine disorders, which will affect women s ovulation cycle. It is easy to cause irregular menstruation in women. And once women have irregular menstrual periods, it can easily cause women s dysmenorrhea and other diseases. According to relevant research, women who stay up late often have a dysmenorrhea about 50% more often than women who stay up late. Therefore, if women often stay up late, it is very easy to cause dysmenorrhea.

Many women are prone to anemia during menstruation. Due to the large amount of iron lost, supplementing with iron-rich foods is very important. Fish, lean meat, animal liver, animal blood, etc. are rich in iron and have high biological activity , which can be easily absorbed by the human body; while soybeans and spinach, which are rich in plant iron, have low absorption rates.

Women s lack of vitamin E can cause limb weakness, sweating, stress, and dysmenorrhea. Women with dysmenorrhea during menstruation can eat a variety of green leafy vegetables and vegetable oils. Foods rich in vitamin E are: egg yolks, beans, spinach, rapeseed, water spinach, peanut oil, sesame oil, nuts, etc.

Dysmenorrhea is generally caused by poor blood flow, abnormal uterine position, etc., which affects the normal discharge of menstrual blood. Eating more food that promotes blood circulation helps blood circulation and stasis, clears the meridians, and relieves dysmenorrhea. Spinach, celery, parsley, carrots, bananas, apples, etc. are all good foods for blood circulation.

Women with cold physiques tend to have cold hands and feet, cold sweats, and fainting during dysmenorrhea. At this time, they need to eat foods that are warm and cold, such as dog meat, lamb, chestnuts, litchi, brown sugar, ginger and so on. Among them, brown sugar and ginger soup can expel the cold inhaled during menstruation and keep the body temperature at normal levels.

Women discharge a large amount of menstrual blood during menstruation, and are prone to dizziness, headache, pale, and even fainting due to low blood sugar. The loss of a large amount of menstrual blood is prone to iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, women should supplement iron-rich foods in foods, such as animal blood, lean pork, eggs, milk, fish, longan, and red dates.

30 30 grams each of dried ginger, jujube and brown sugar. Wash the first two flavors, slice the dried ginger, pit the jujube, and add brown sugar to fry. Drink soup and eat dates. With warming and cooling effect. Suitable for cold dysmenorrhea and melasma.

25 25 grams of ginger, 30 grams of jujube, 100 grams of pepper. Peel and wash the ginger and slice, wash and remove the jujube, put them into a clay pot with peppercorns, add 1 and a half bowls of water, fry over half of the bowl with gentle heat, and remove the residue. Drink one dose daily. With warm and analgesic effect. It is suitable for cold dysmenorrhea, and has the function of smoothing and cleaning the skin.

300 300 grams of fresh chives and 100 grams of brown sugar. Wash the fresh leeks, drain the water, chop them up and mash them for juice. Put brown sugar in an aluminum pan, add a little water and boil until the sugar dissolves and mix with the leek and drink. With warming and qi-enriching effects. It is suitable for dysmenorrhea of ​​Qi deficiency and blood deficiency, and can make the skin rosy and smooth.

For many people, the taste of durian is unacceptable. Although durian has a strong smell, its nutritional value is very high. In Southeast Asian countries, durian is often used as a nutritious food for patients or women.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that durian is hot and has the effect of promoting blood circulation and dissipating blood stasis. If women take dysmenorrhea during dysmenorrhea, it can relieve pain, so it is very suitable for those women who will have dysmenorrhea. In addition, regular consumption of durian can effectively improve the coldness of the abdomen and increase the body temperature, which is very suitable for people with cold body.

In addition to the good effect of durian meat, durian durian can also boil the durian shell with pork bones, which also has a very good tonic effect.

After taking mulberry, it has a lot of health benefits. It can not only make the skin whiter and blacker, but also have anti-aging effects. In addition, mulberry can effectively promote the growth of red blood cells after entering the body, and has very good adjuvant treatment effects on diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and anemia.

Daily, you can mix mulberry juice with honey and take it two or three times a day. It has a good effect of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, and has a good therapeutic effect on women s irregular menstruation or dysmenorrhea.

Bananas are not only sweet but also rich in carbohydrates and a variety of substances that are good for the body. Banana is a kind of high-calorie fruit. The vitamin A contained in it can effectively promote the growth of the human body, and has a good effect on strengthening the resistance to disease.

Many women will experience dysmenorrhea during menstruation. If you want to relieve dysmenorrhea, it is good to add enough vitamins to the body. This is because vitamins have the effect of stabilizing mood and promoting sleep, while bananas are rich in vitamins, which can effectively slow down dysmenorrhea after taking it.

We all know that the lychee meat tastes very good, but it is not the lychee meat that can treat dysmenorrhea, but the lychee kernel. Litchi nucleus has the effect of lowering blood lipids and regulating blood lipid disorders, so women taking litchi before menstruation can alleviate dysmenorrhea well.

I have a very famous recipe, I believe many people have heard it, that is red wine stewed apples, what to do with dysmenorrhea, taking this recipe is a very good choice. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that red wine is warm, has a good effect of warming blood and nourishing blood, and has analgesic effects, and has a good therapeutic effect on dysmenorrhea caused by cold and moisture condensation in the body.

How to stew apples with red wine: Cut the apples into the pot, then pour the red wine, which will drown the apples. Then simmer for 15 minutes on medium heat, then turn off the heat. You can take it after soaking for two hours.

Longan is a fruit from the south, but it contains a lot of nutrients and can be stored for a long time after drying. Longan meat has the effect of replenishing qi and blood and soothe the nerves, and is also a commonly used food for replenishing blood. Women chew a few mouthfuls of longan during dysmenorrhea, which can be well relieved.

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene: take a shower to keep the vulva clean. You can wash the vulva with warm water every night; use clean and disinfected menstrual tape and menstrual paper; intercourse during the menstrual period is strictly prohibited.

3. Avoid caffeine: The caffeine contained in coffee, tea, cola and chocolate can make you nervous and may cause discomfort during menstruation. Therefore, avoid caffeine. In addition, the oils contained in coffee may irritate the small intestine.

4. Supplement minerals: Calcium, potassium and magnesium minerals for dysmenorrhea can also help relieve menstrual pain. Experts have found that women who take calcium have less menstrual pain than those who do not. Magnesium is also important because it helps the body absorb calcium efficiently May wish to increase the intake of calcium and magnesium before and during menstruation.

5. Pay attention to diet: Eat cold, cold and irritating food before and during menstruation, and avoid junk food that is too sweet or too salty. Eat more vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish, lamb, beef, longan, walnuts, fungus , hawthorn, and eat as few meals as possible.

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