Abdominal liposuction

The abdomen is the part where women have the most fat accumulation, especially in women after pregnancy. This change is most obvious. Because of the accumulation of abdominal fat, the middle part of the body is prominent, which seriously affects the appearance of the body . With the continuous development and improvement of liposuction, the scope of aspiration is greatly expanded.

Except for patients with pathological obesity and severely slack skin, other patients with fat deposits can improve their body shape through liposuction. In particular, abdominal surgery is safe and satisfactory.

For example, localized fat accumulation in the abdomen with mild skin sagging can be performed by liposuction; young women have near normal weight and good skin quality, with only one or two local fat deposits, or middle-aged middle-aged people Women with better skin elasticity are suitable for abdominal fat suction for local weight loss.

It should be noted that beauty people must eliminate tension before surgery, treat the surgery with a usual heart, and don t expect too high results, thinking that a slim waist and a dexterous body can be achieved with a single suction. In fact, liposuction is best to repeatedly a small amount of suction to achieve the purpose of shapely body.

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