The efficacy and role of kelp

Kelp is a relatively common ingredient in our daily life. Because of the high nutritional value of kelp and the strong efficacy and role of kelp, kelp is much loved by people. So, what are the benefits of kelp?

Kelp contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber, which can remove cholesterol attached to the blood vessel wall, smooth the stomach and intestines, and promote cholesterol excretion;

Hot water extract has obvious cytotoxic effect on human KB cancer cells in vitro, and it has obvious inhibitory effect on S180 tumor, and kelp is also rich in anti-cancer star selenium, which has anti-cancer effect;

Kelp contains 60% of fucoidan, which is an excellent dietary fiber. After taking it, people with diabetes can delay the time of gastric emptying and food passing through the small intestine. In this way, even when the insulin secretion is reduced, the blood sugar content is not Will rise to achieve the purpose of treating diabetes;

A layer of hoarfrost, mannitol, is often attached to kelp, which is a valuable medicinal substance. Modern scientific research proves that mannitol has the effects of lowering blood pressure, diuresis and swelling;

The above is the introduction of the efficacy and role of kelp, and the benefits of kelp. Since kelp is such a good food, everyone may wish to share it with their families in order to achieve the purpose of health care.

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