The 3 Riskiest Breast Augments

At present, no breast augmentation is nutrient breast augmentation, living cell augmentation and injection breast augmentation. Among them, nutrient breast augmentation is simply impossible, because today s technology can t make it bigger by injecting nutrients into the breast. There is no such thing as a nutrient augmentation breast.

Experts believe that the so-called living cell breast augmentation extracts excess fat from other parts of itself. It is then driven into the breast with a special tool. Fat cells have a high infection rate and are not easy to control. They have high requirements on the doctor s technology and medical environment. Once an infection occurs, the consequences are unpredictable, so large hospitals do not perform this operation. Another feature of living cell breast augmentation is that the fat that is penetrated into the local area will be absorbed by the surgeon, and the shrinkage rate is also very large. Generally, the breast augmentation effect of 50% and 60% is not as obvious as that of the prosthesis. The academic community believes that “living cell breast augmentation” is generally safer with low-dose injections, while high-dose injections are more dangerous and generally discouraged.

The chemical name is polyacrylamide gel injection breast augmentation. At present, the most publicity is injection breast augmentation, which injects breast augmentation material into the breast to achieve breast augmentation. The current injection breast augmentation materials include Injel Fara and Austria Medine two. It is also the most controversial breast augmentation method in academia.

Authoritative experts have always expressed opposition. Think this is a surgery without a retreat once a problem arises about breast augmentation injections. It is difficult to take out the injection. Most developed countries do not approve the use of artificial liquid materials such as Injelle Fall for cosmetic injections. Some Eastern European countries used it for a short time, but it was quickly stopped by the government.

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